Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christopher P. Fearon

Back in early February I went to the River Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility Information Meeting.  The meeting at the Village Community Room was standing room only.  Emotions were running on High!  But there was one person there that kept everyone cool, calm and collected.  Chris Fearon's deep and eloquent voice along with his calm demeanor kept everyone on an even keel.  After listening to him I found myself compelled to meet this man. My impressions of him.....he is a man's man, a voice of reason and a man with charisma. I had the opportunity to chat with him, but only for a few minutes. This was one of the best decisions of my life. That encounter was a once in a life time opportunity and I will never forget our brief conversation.  Mr. Fearon, it was a pleasure meeting you! 

Obituary for Mr. Fearon

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Many Zeros in a Billion?

A couple of months ago I started receiving political emails.  The themes of the emails are the Republican Party slamming the Poor old Democratic Party.  I got this one today.....interesting to say the least.

How Many Zeros in a Billion? - Funny videos are here

To date I have received from my republican friend over 45 emails which have all been neatly tucked away in my spam folder.   I don't want my friend to think me unappreciative of his hard work at forwarding all these to me.  I do read them.....Honestly I do......and I can appreciate the humor in them also.  It's just that I giggle every time I check for new email and for one second I see one from Sampie Sutton and then poof it goes into the spam folder.  But seriously.....Keep them coming.....I enjoy your slams on the party.  And lately these days, your about the only Republican that emails me.........

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is NOT in OUR Budget Either

I just got around to reading the TI Sun.  One story that caught my attention is the one titled Town Open to Chipping in For Village Dock Work.  The reporter only wrote what he was told.  I am telling you that what the TI Sun was told is absolute bullshit.

 "...their previous reluctance was caused more by a misunderstanding of the purse strings holding various accounts than a distaste for the project" [TI SUN]

The audio is very clear that the Town Board has a distaste for the Village Board and some of its [The Village Board] recent decisions.

"...Councilors took no action and instead deferred to the committee charged with doling out the towns share of bed tax revenues...." [TI Sun]

The town did not defer anything.  There was no action to do any further research.  The request from the Village for help was dropped like a Hot Potato.  If the TB did discuss this further, it was not at the regular meeting.  Maybe it was done in Executive.......But everyone knows that is not Executive Session material....

"....Councilors believed their hands were tied after hearing they could not donate money...." [TI Sun]

Do not get me wrong.  I am very happy to have the Town Board help out with the dock project.  But basically the TB made a very hasty decision back at their meeting on 1.13.10.  Instead of owning up to that decision the TB has now weaved a wicked web of ..............half truths and double talk.  What is wrong with saying something like:  Sorry, we [the TB] made a hasty  and thoughtless decision that was not fair to the village or the community and we [the TB] would like to now do the right thing and chip in and help....

Below is the short version of that meeting held on 1.13.10.  It is only 2 1/2 minutes long and worth a very close listen....BTW, I first blogged about this on January 14th 2010,  I made the comment then about TB politely tells VB to FO.  I still stand behind that comment.  Click Here for that topic!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VB Meeting 3.23.10

Some noteworthy moments from tonight's meeting:

Hiring a new dog catcher.  Trustee Drake was concerned about an applicants disability as it would relate to his duties.  That is something that should have been discussed in executive session 30min:14secs

33 water bills were not received by village taxpayers.  According to the mayor there is something wrong with the United States Post Office and they should get their act together 37min:30secs 

Public Hearing on this years village tax rate.  Less than 1% Nice job VB  50min:12secs

These are negative comments

 Here is the agenda:
Click to enlarge


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disability and Discrimination

I remember [way back] when a former VB member made a comment about hiring a seasonal employee and it went something like this:
Just imagine Jimmy Stewart's voice saying this.....
"We need to hire an older gentleman such as myself to work......"

Unbelievable that someone can be so ignorant of the Disability and Discrimination Laws 

In a little while check out the audio from tonight's VB will hear a comment teetering on the same discrimination

Jeff County Resolution 73

Bloggers and Media are All Over Joe's S#*t

As you know VP Joe Biden dropped an almost inaudible F bomb.  Should the bloggers and traditional media have fun with Joe's momentary lapse of political professionalism?  Are they being negative by picking on poor old Joe?  I say that all public figures are fair game.  World figures all the way down to local politicos.  It is called satire or lampooning......

stay tuned for more of this on the local level.  I am feeling much better.....thank you

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still Here

I have this friggin cold and I can't seem to shake it.  Popping ibuprofen, drinking lots of fluids, sleeping, watching movies, playing lots of x box COD MWF2.  And of course, flushing my sinuses with my netti pot...

I will be back soon.......with lots of energy 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The March issue is out.  The online "magazine" has several interesting articles, including one titled This Park Is Closed!  Check it out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Town Board Meeting 3.16.10

Below is the audio from tonight's meeting.  The agenda was positive.  Nobody had any issues.  The attorney did not take any pot shots.  The meeting was filled with love and happiness. Everyone knows that the tax payers always agree with the actions of our elected officials.   There is nothing in the audio that is of any interest to you.   So don't waste your time listening to it, or reading anything I have to say.  After all ignorance is bliss.  Just flip a coin at the next election, then go home and sleep peacefully....

I was  being sarcastic......

On A Positive Note

Those board meetings can be long and d  r  a  w  n out.  But every once in awhile something happens and the politics stop.  I have always said that I like dogs more than I like most people......BUT  I can certainly find some kinship with a human that truly likes dogs as much as I do.  Doug Williams took some time out from tonight's meeting to give this four legged friend {Bimini] a little lovin.  Big sweetie!!!!! {talking about Bimini}

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keewaydin Komments ;)

 This is a comment I received this morning.  Some good thoughts.....I have one correction to make...  when Reserve America is used to reserve a camping site, there is a one time $9.00 charge on top of the campsite fees.  A small portion of this fee goes back to the state...  And if your wondering who the Clayton dude is????  That would be Clayton Town Supervisor Justin Taylor.

After listening to Ron's comments and Keiff's answer I would like to illustrate one great point. The 15 dollar camping fee is dictated by the state with only a small "premium" charge for a waterfront site a "couple" of dollars. Ron had the figures quoted how a private site was around the 25 dollar range. He brought up the fact only a 6 dollar increase would bring all of the Parks in the black including the pool.

Addie Russell does not want to price families out of camping but would be "the bad guy" to ask for a raise but only a small increase. Ron brought up the fact they could add many more sites and make it more economical. That sent Keiff into the fact that black and red for operating Keewaydin only took in seasonal expense not the expense when it is shut down? Basically 60 percent of the Parks state wide in total costs is overhead for the administration of parks not for having it open piece. Unfortunately that is the only piece parks were willing to cut. Not their salaries or overlapping layers in the parks. Ron did not bring up the fact they use this cost advantage for an unfair pricing in competition with business

This is the best one. 15 dollars for a camp site. 9 dollars goes to Reserve America, a private outfit. Even if parks does the reservation they get paid then give the state a "couple dollar kick back". Only 6 dollars goes into the Keewaydin column. I would have asked does the couple dollar kick back go into the local park balance sheet.

Ron did a fantastic job. I wish he had some back up. I wish someone who represents the families in this community was invited not just the Chamber of Commerce. The town, village and school do have a youth program and no one was invited to represent them. Not even Gayle who works for Hearts for Youth and is married to our Town Councilman. I guess Martha didn’t have time to call her but she called the Clayton dude.

Please listen to the audio feed. It is really great how Ron did and it is really sad that our Town board and village board didn’t think it was important, to them or to us.

Please everyone call Martha and tell her how disappointed they are with her invite only public meeting. I hope as many people are able go to the next Town meeting.

Dean Erck

Friday, March 12, 2010

VB Meeting 3.09.10

The meeting itself was not long......but the agenda was loaded with  many items, old and new!  So I am shifting gears and doing things a little differently on how I report the meeting.  I grabbed a copy of the agenda and jotted down the time stamps next to each  of the items.  Scanned it, uploaded can click on the picture below and see an enlarged copy. Hint: Hover your mouse pointer over the agenda , then right click, choose open link in new window.

Agenda Click to Enlarge

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Letter From Bud Man to River Hospital Board of Directors

TO: Friends of River Hospital and BudMan Supporters
Enclosed are 114 checks for a total of $5,850 and one check for $6,252.77. This is the money WE raised for River Hospital. I would like you to know that I had to return five checks valued at $1,800 to supporters who wanted their money returned and I quote "THEY NEVER WANT TO GET ANOTHER PIECE OF LITERATURE FROM RIVER HOSPITAL, because of the River Hospital board's decision to close the skilled nursing facility and some comments were that the River Hospital was in the people business and they should take care of the needy. They believe that the River Hospital has let the River community down and I AGREE. The BudMan has raised somewhere between $70,000 and $75,000 for the River Hospital. Not a big donor, BUT A DONOR NO MORE!!
I am requesting that the money we have turned in today be used in the Skilled Nursing Facility whether to pay an employee one hour or to keep a patient for one day (it should not go to a doctor or for a piece of equipment for someone who will be atthe River Hospital only 9 days per year, especially at this time). I say "WE" because WE of the River community who have donated the money to the BudMan. I'm just the dummy that Jumps.
I would like to THANK ALL THE BUDMAN SUPPORTERS and at the same time I feel that I have let you down.
Sincerely yours, 

Good For You BudMan

Monday, March 8, 2010

Locals To Blame For Village Problems

I have been blogging for almost 4 years.  I used to get upset and take things to heart when anonymous posters would make comments about me or my family.  One group of anonymous idiots went so far as to issue our priest an ultimatum.......Don't let Cummings do the mass readings, he is a mean spirited person and not very Christian.  He is an embarrassment to the church.  Well......I am still doing the readings, and no less a Christian than the people that wanted me excommunicated!  Judge me.....I do not give a rats ass  [Sorry Padre and Doc].  But that all took place several years ago.  I have been hit with that and so many others that I am desensitized.  I let the comments from the nameless roll off me like a duck sheds water.  But the comment below was posted anonymously last night.....It is so wrong on many different levels!  It almost kept me from getting a good nights sleep.......I said almost!

Why is it that most of the problems Alexandria Bay has, stems from the locals? Hmmm. If you do not like the police force..MOVE!!!

Locals?   Who is this person talking about?  Are locals the second or third generations that have lived here forever?  Or does Local mean just anyone that happens to live in the village, no matter how long?  Or are the locals the few that drink alcoholic beverages? I could go on and on....wondering?????

To me, Locals are the community, the tax payers, and the voters.  The village belongs to them and not just the politicians [elected or otherwise] or their significant othersIf a group, whether small or large disagrees with a village issue, why are they viewed as THE PROBLEM.  This is Alexandria Bay New York 13607 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

There's too many men, too many people
Making too many problems

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keewaydin Closing Petition Comments

 Some more comments that people are leaving on the Stop The Closing Of Keewaydin Petition:

Why does this Governor feel it necessary to close things or tax things that the poor or middle class people enjoy, why not go after the guy who makes a lot of money like Patterson bet he gets his refund check on time.

Closing the park is Not worth saving $40,000.00 the cost to the surrounding area would be much more. We need more of this type of recreation available to people especially kids. There's nothing better than camping for kids. Fun family time with out the TV. So Please Give This More Thought And Don't Close The Park. 

How about closing the Governors office and save more money you would closing the parks, make the Governor pay rent for the mansion he lives in for free.

It's a damn shame what the governor is doing to this state and the people in it..

I know were people are coming from. I was involved in a petition last fall to try to get the ball rolling about keeping Coles Creek State Park from closing a month earlier then they have in the past. It's to bad these upper people like Kevin Keiff and Commissioner Ash would start to realize just how much camping is a great family thing to do. The state keeps taking and taking things away and now camping which was somewhat affordable for tax payers to do. JUST WHAT AND WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO??? TO MANY 6 DIGIT SALARIES OUT THERE THE STATE HAS TO PAY OUT WITH THE TAX PAYERS MONEY. OF COURSE THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CUTS TO THE UPPER CRUST OF STATE WORKERS WHO ARE MAKING THESE CRAZY DECISIONS. 

If you have not done so, please sign the online petition...Thank you!

Alive And Kickin

Awhile back the VB retired and sold to the highest bidders, two of our Police Cars.  The police cars had high mileage on them and the board was convinced they would nickel and dime the tax payers to death.  I am happy to report that both old cop cars have been spotted and they look in great shape.  We should have never gotten rid of them.....

It is budget time for the VB.  I wonder what frivolous "wish list"  items will be in this years budget.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NY State Parks Budget Links

 Below are some interesting links full of facts and figures.  Some of you hardcore bean counters might find them an enjoyable read............

Friday, March 5, 2010

Keewaydin & Mary Island Closing Info Meeting

At the request of Town Supervisor Martha Millett, an informational meeting was held today at 11:00 am at the Town Offices.  Kevin Keiff, Thousand Island Regional Parks Director and Assemblywoman Addie Russell were there to present information and answer questions.  Also present were 2 reporters from the official news papers. Trustee's Roy and Drake, as well as Town Council Williams and Hunneyman were in attendance. The meeting lasted just over an hour.....

I would like to premise the audio with a few of my thoughts.  Keep in mind that the Regional Director, is responsible for the day to day operations of all the state parks in the Thousand Island region.  To simplify it further the Regional Director is responsible for managing revenues and expenses for these parks.  It amazes me that our parks have been allowed to operate in the RED year after year.  This is not just fiscal recklessness in our region, but this is a problem with many state park regions.  Yet, some state parks have revenue greater than expenses, keeping them in the BLACK.  Some of you will argue that this is how government does business.....  Today's meeting was an eye opener for me, leaving me.........speechless.

Please Sign the Petition

Any moron can run an operation into the RED! Why not make this guy the next political appointee. He works cheap [no suit] and can accomplish the same thing........The same caliber can be hired for the NYS Division of Budget

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Westport on the Rideau Canal a Model For Abay

This comment came in today and got buried  under an old topic Dock Might Be a Disaster For Abay  I figured this comment deserved it's own spot...... 

I don’t mean to interfere with your internal issues but, I due cross the river to visit Alex Bay by boat. The many comments I’ve read, the frustrations you are going through, leads me to believe that the dock has everyone rethinking the bigger picture of Alexandria Bay as a destination. You all love your town.

However, when people leave Alexandria Bay, do they recommend it as only a summer destination? Do you want your town known for cheesy t-shirts and shot glasses with pirates on it? Going forward, is this the shrinking cliental that you want to focus on?

Your comments I believe are saying the same think. It’s a dock. It can be repaired and it will be shortly. But it has highlighted how brittle your economy has become. Heaven forbid the time when the sewer or water pipes require repair.

As a friendly neighbour, may I suggest you look into how a much smaller town, under worse conditions, Westport on the Rideau Canal, developed their community business plan and how it has worked for them.

This little town is a cottagers and boater’s destination during the summer. However, it draws busloads of retired people even from the U.S. both in the summer and winter, to shop. It’s an amazing place with a TERRIBLE town dock, yet people do visit.

The key to their success is that they focused on the age group that has the money now and going forward. The baby boomers. They attract the near retirement and the retired age groups that have lots of money to spend. Not the 20 year olds or those wanting to be, looking for cheap beer.

The products they sell are up scale. They are a four-season destination in a frozen nowhere in the winter, employing local town people all year round. Few cottagers, no boaters this time of year.

You are sitting on a gold mine of possibilities if you and your leaders take on a proactive challenge, one step at a time, medium-term development plans with a focus on a target market.

The dock will be fixed and the summer will come and I look forward to visiting the friendliest town on the river...think positive.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Keiff Kloses Keewaydin

Kevin A. Kieff, regional director of Parks and Recreation picked the parks to close within "his" region.  Evidently the pool loses money.  In addition, it is reported that Keiff is easily disturbed in his regional office, and he does not like all the commotion from the parks visitorsThem dam campers make to much noise having fun:  fishing, swimming, camping, cooking out.  He picked Keewaydin to temporarily close figuring that by the time it reopens again, he should have a nice cushy job in Albany, where nobody has any fun.......