Friday, August 29, 2014


Today was one of those days where the skies were filled with different types of clouds. I shot some footage. Some of the clips create the sensation of looking down through them. I can assure you that my feet were on the ground. If you can, enable HD and put some head phones on...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

14th Annual BLUES IN THE BAY

Alexandria Bay:

The Blues In The Bay starts this Thursday at 6pm and continues through Labor Day with the All Star Jam Fest. This event brings people together to share the appreciation of a wide variety of Blues Musicians.  Some bring chairs and just kick back and enjoy hours of the Blues, while  others dance.  It is a social event, where friends meet up and spend time together meeting new people.  It is simply the best end of the summer event in the North Country! And It Is Free!

Below are 8 videos that I have made, they span over a 4 year period.  You might just spot yourself or a group of friends.... If you start one video and want to skip to the next one, just hit the pause button, then click next....

Another 4 videos from over the past few years.  To use this playlist, just click the play button and they will all play or select Playlist in the upper left corner and select the one you want to listen to.

Click to enlarge for line up

Sunday, August 17, 2014

St. Cyril's Choir Alexandria Bay

Alexandria Bay:

Last night I digitally recorded some AUDIO of the 6th Annual Summer Concert held at St. Cyril's Church. After carefully editing the audio of gaps between songs I made some minor adjustments to the recording levels using a digital equalizer. After that I started adding color from my Joyful Palette. Digitally painting each song in this 3 song sampler. The audio from the entire concert can be listened to below.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Tool Box

My Dad passed away several years ago. I "inherited" his tool box that was filled with all sorts of tools and a wide assortment of screws, bolts, widgets and other odds and ends. When I first glanced into this box I saw only tools and stuff! I kept the box over the years just as I had received it. Nothing special in there,,,, only fond memories of my Dad reaching into his tool box and retrieving a tool or some hardware to fix something that was broken.

On several occasions, I have searched his tool box for a special screw, a washer or some odd thingamajig to fix something, and miraculously it was always on top.... right there in plain sight. Never noticing it the last time I rummaged through my Dads tool box.

Tonight I broke a plastic hose clamp on our pools filter system. Water gushed all over the place. I frantically searched high and low for a metal hose clamp. Could not find one anywhere. In desperation, I grabbed my Dad's red tool box and flipped open the latches.......... and right on top was a metal hose clamp..... the perfect size..... shiny..... no rust....just sitting there on a pile of rusted useless nuts bolts and washers as if it were patiently waiting. The clamp looked like it did not belong there.... but there it was. I grabbed it and closed and latched the tool box. The leak was fixed.

Later, I was tempted to go back to my dads tool box and take pictures or video.... as an inventory of the contents of his tool box to prove to me in the future something I should not know......... something I am not meant to know about MY DAD'S TOOL BOX

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Antique Boat Museum 1972


Great old publication find.... submitted by Krista Booth.  Anyone remember the Town and Country Newspaper?  Krista found this publication from August 23rd 1972.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the reference to Tom [Antique Boat] Turgeon..... Thanks Krista for sharing...

Friday, August 1, 2014

AVALANCHE Rocks Antique Boat Museum

Clayton N.Y.

Avalanche is the 10th Mountain Division's Rock Band..... and these soldiers did just that at 50th Annual Antique Boat Show. It's not about Old Boats and Old Men...... It is also about MUSIC and so much more.
Guide To Boat Show and Schedule LINK