Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Nights Democratic Meeting

Discussions were held and plans were made for the upcoming Democratic Caucus.  The caucus will be held sometime in August.  Sorry, but I can not share anymore info with you than that.  Why?  I am glad you asked!  Caucus announcements to the news media can not be made earlier than 14 days but no less than 10 days prior to that caucus......[or something like that]

Town and Village Board representatives from last nights meeting agreed that if I posted anything today about the Caucus night........that would be the same as giving the info to the news media.  Which would break the 14 day, 10 day rule.  So, now the members of both boards have a clear understanding that this blog and are NEWS MEDIA and should be contacted [in addition to the 2 official news papers] about any special or emergency meetings  so that the public may be notified in a timely manner.....

I was asked if I had intentions of running for mayor......
My reply:  YUP!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Headline Predictions!!!

Here is my prediction for a Headline that might appear sometime soon in the WDT.

Abay Board Gnaws At Civil Service List
As persistent as a Beaver:

        ALEXANDRIA BAY  -  2 appointees turn down Chief Job.  Mayor announces that Brian K. Mullaney was finally reachable on the Civil Service list.  Chief Mullaney.............

Any thoughts or comments?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VB Meeting 7.28.09 Public Concerns

VB Meeting Public Concerns 7.28.09 from p guston on Vimeo.
click on the link below the video and you will be taken to the website that hosts the video. From there you can move the time slider to any section of this part of the meeting..
The above video contains:

Bj Mosher requests a sign for her business and a request to have artists paint murals on the plywood that covers the old sports store between the Dockside Pub and Skiffs.  Mural is pending owners approval.

Some residents of Northern Ave. voiced some concerns regarding a turn-around [to be used by village DPW workers] at the end of that street.  Garbage truck, recycling, snow plow and sanding......  11minutes:49seconds

I brought up the status of who is in the running for Chief Of Police: 31min;35secs

Mr Naklick declined the offer.  Mr Timmerman is back in the running after being removed from the civil service list.  Timmerman was at the meeting tonight waiting for his interview.........As far as I know all the board members were participating in this interview.........go figure.  So the new line up is still the same:

  1. Hennegan
  2. Timmerman
  3. Marshall
  4. Mason/Mullaney [Tied]

In another video you will hear that Mullaney has been rehired as part time police officer.  His provisional appointment as COP ended early Monday morning at 3:am........

Here is my prediction:  Timmerman is being interviewed tonight for the second time.  I am guessing he will be offered the position BUT he will decline.  Which removes him from the list and everyone will slide up one notch.  The new list will look like this:

  1. Hennegan
  2. Marshall
  3. Mason/Mullaney
Remember this nursery rhyme by Agatha Christie?

Seven Little Indian boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.
Five Little Indian boys going in for law;
One got in chancery and then there were four.
Four Little Indian boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.
Three Little Indian boys walking to the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.
Two Little Indian boys ....................................
and then there was one.

Article in todays WDT regarding the COP 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Village Board Meeting Tuesday Night

July  28, 2009 5:30 pm in the Community Room, 110 Walton St. Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 

About The Poll

The Who Do You Want As Chief Of Police Poll was started on Tuesday 7.21.09. I picked the Top 3 from the Civil Service list and included the Favorite [B. Mullaney] as choice number 4.  The poll was set to run for six days.  As soon as one of you voted in that poll, I could not change any of the criteria.  I could not add another name or change the length of the polling time without deleting the poll and starting all over again.  The participation in the poll was very slow the first few days and then picked up tremendously.  A total of 209 seperate votes were cast.  I have run polls before and usually get about 25 or 30 votes.

The poll was in full swing when I learned on Friday night that Mr. Naklick was a strong candidate for the COP position.  My apologies to Mr Naklick for not including him in the poll. 

I did make one observation about some of the comments from all of you!  Nobody every complained that I did not inlcude Mr Naklick in the Poll.  What do you think of that?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comments on COP

Tons of comments on Who Do You Want As COP. But when you submit comments I review them first before anyone sees them.  To the person[s] who is agreeing with a comment that I have not published yet, I have some advice for you.  Wait till I publish your first comment and then you can agree with it.  ...chuckle...

I have deleted 2 comments.  I allowed one dumb comment and then I responded to it.  The dumb comment had nothing to do with after some time, I decided to delete theirs and mine.

In regards to the poll on the right.  Once that poll has started there is nothing I can do to rigg or manipulate it.  The only thing anyone can do is change their vote, which has no effect on the total number of votes.....

Double Secret Probation

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The new Chief of Police will be on probation for 12 months.  This is the standard time frame for new hires off a Civil Service List.  The new COP will also be evaluated in writing every 30 days.  That is NOT standard.  Actually that is excessive.  It is like having someone looking over your shoulder every minute.  I do not know about you, but when I am doing something new,  I do better when I am given some space.  Mistakes are a learning tool......don't you agree?  The VB has made this a High Profile position by their actions or non actions.

Add a contract to this new position and who ever takes this job is doomed to failure.  The contract was discussed at last nights meeting and can be heard in the audio COP Meeting Part II.  Scroll down or Click This Link to listen to it.  The discussion starts at 11minutes:50seconds.  The VB says that each candidate was made aware of this contract and its guidelines.  Each candidate was also told that first they get a warning and then the second infraction is immediate dismissal.  Sounds like a hostile work environment to me! None of the candidates were given a copy of this contract because supposedly Attorney Gebo is drafting it up.  I say BOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLSHIT.  To quote a friend of mine........These are Draconian Measures created to break the Civil Service list ......

The Civil Service List

As of the Friday nights special VB meeting this is the ranking:

  1. Hennegan
  2. Marshall
  3. Naklick
  4. Mason /Mullaney {These 2 have the same score and are tied for the same ranking}
Mr Naklick is probably the candidate that was offered the position.  Also asking for 48 hours to think it over.  I would like to make a prediction that he will decline.  Why?  Because of the Contract, [more about that in my next post].  When this candidate declines......abracadabra and POOOF!!!!  Mullaney is reachable!  More mysterious is this.....You know what will vanish next?   THE CONTRACT......because it really never existed.  It is only a scare tactic used to spook anyone from taking the position!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonights Special Meeting Regarding the COP Position

 CLICK HERE for an article in today's WDT.  GEEZ I wonder who the VB pick is!  DUH!!!!

I wanted to get these up tonight so that when you wake up tomorrow you can be informed...... 
I will not be making any comments on this topic till I feel Like it.....probably on Saturday.....And lets just say......There is alot to talk about

Here is part I before the VB goes into executive session:

Special Meeting 7.24.09 COP Part I from p guston on Vimeo.

Here is part II after they come out of executive session:

Special Meeting  7.24.09 COP Part II from p guston on Vimeo.

Here is Part III:

Special Meeting COP Part III from p guston on Vimeo.

Special Meeting  7.24.09 COP Part II from p guston on Vimeo.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Want ALL The News....

NY TIMES: All The News That's Fit To Print
Rolling Stone Magazine: All The News That Fits

And then there is the TI Sun!  How does a reporter go to last weeks village board meeting and not mention the main topic of public concerns.  Have any of you read this weeks Sun?  The main headline reads:

Deadline Looming, Village Stalls Police Chief Decision
My question!  Where was the coverage of the high powered sniper rifle [300 Win Mag] being used  to euthanize a dog on on Bolton Ave!  The reporter went on to cover the bullshit sign ordinance issues for the River Edge etc...But not one peep about the rifle/dog incident.  Where did that story end up?  ON THE EDITING ROOM FLOOR thats where.  I call that CENSORSHIP.  What do you think of that COMMRADES

Monday, July 20, 2009

Double Dipping

What is All this talk..........

the  mayor does not want the next Chief of Police to be able to double dip with his COP pay and any pension pay.   I always double dip my chip when nobody is looking.  You know who else double dips..........any state employee that holds an elected office gets to post double dip.  The money they earn from the village gets added onto their retirement.  I do not see anything wrong with THAT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mayor Sez Hennigan Not A COP

Once again the VB has held a special meeting without inviting the public.  I know that the VB feels they have not violated the Sunshine Laws by holding a meeting Wednesday night [7.15.09].  The mayor alerted the 2 reporters that were covering the regular Tuesday night meeting about the special meeting on wednesday.  Here is a link to todays WDT article Bay tries to Pare Chief List.

On tuesday night the mayor stated that Mullaney was not on the civil service list.  The mayor contradicts himself in this quote from today's WDT article:

If the Department of Civil Service determines that Mr. Hennegan is not qualified for the job, it would give the village's interim police chief, Brian K. Mullaney, and Dale P. Mason, who tied for fifth, a shot at the position.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Many Police Issues in Alex Bay! Weapon Discharged Within The Village!


 UPDATE: Today 7.16.09 Click Here

Issues plague the local PD: 

Click For Audio Here!

Public Concerns from p guston on Vimeo.

Or you can listen to it on Vimeo. {long pause at the beginning of this, please be patient]

Several Village A-Bay residents attended tonights VB meeting to voice their concerns regarding a weapon discharged within the village limits. 

Tim Honeywell asked a simple yes or no question: Is it legal to shoot a gun inside village limits....

Reply from acting Chief of Police MullaneyJust depending on what the circumstances are....there are exceptions to the is allowed.........I have checked with the District Attorney's office.......and thats what I have been told......

Further discussion continues........

The mayor makes light of this very serious situation 4min:35secs

Local residents are terrified.....

Next Police Issue:

Fourth of July Chief Mullaney's police car spotted at the mayors house for an extended period of time.......45 minutes or longer........5min:30sec

No comment from the mayor...

Next Police Issue:

By me JC: ....curious about the status on the Civil Service List for the position of Chief of Police 6min:30sec.......

mayor replies when we go into executive session tonight we will discuss those options.....7min:00sec..

I asked: so you have not interviewd Mr. Mullaney......7min:45sec

mayors response:  Mr Mullaney is not on the list.....

Other public concerns are on this audio........

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chief of Police Position

 Headline in today's WDT:
Village Will Not Seek Waiver For New Chief's Pension Pay

....Stephen R. Miller, county human resources director, said if the village is not willing to apply for the pension waiver, candidates who receive retirement benefits are likely to withdraw, allowing the village to pick candidates who are lower on the list.

Let me interpret that for you....... Like knocking the top rungs out of a ladder, which in effect moves B. Mullaney from the bottom rungs to the top of the ladder.  This would make Acting COP B. Mullaney reachable on this list.

I know exactly how civil service law works.  By not applying for the waiver the mayor can discourage any or all of the top 3 candidates.   Other ways to get applicants to sign off as not being interested in the position are:  Odd shift hours, working weekends and holidays, restricting clothing allowances etc etc.  This is known as the negative interview where the mayor can paint a picture of  a work environment that appears to be  not desirable for the applicant.  We the taxpayers will never know if  this environment would be the same for every candidate.  Basically it is a different interview for all the applicants till you get to the applicant that you want........then the negative interview stops and a more positive rosy interview starts.  This whole process is within civil service law but it usually is not talked about.  It is like a little dirty family secret.  Definitely not one to be leaked to the press.

Thoughts from JC:
The circle of political life for the mayor started when then COP Sacco was  [fired] forced[?] out of his position.  You all remember that,  it hit the papers and was widely discussed on various blogs, forums, and radio talk shows.  Now isn't it odd that this whole topic has come full circle with the hiring of a Police Chief.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gertrude Karris for Jefferson County Clerk

Democratic County Clerk candidate Gertrude Karris visited with a group of Alexandria Bay Democrats.  We had a nice chat at this informal gathering and got to know Gertrude aka Gert The Clerk.  If you are a registered Democrat and someone comes knocking on your door to sign her petition......please do so! She has a website called GERT THE CLERK .COM.  You can click on that link and learn more about her.

More News About Gertrude Karris:
Political IV
Mayor Graham's Blog

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Found On YouTube

Never know what you will find while surfing aimlessly..... I tripped over a French Electronica Band called Daft Punk......some catchy tunes

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Am Now A Grand Master Jedi Asshole!

For months and months I have been an apprentice to Qui - John Quinn, a Master Jedi Asshole.  He is a tough but fair master and has taught me to use the FORCE to become as big a Jedi Asshole as he.  The Ways of the FORCE are no mystery to me any longer.  Today, Ex Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Alexbay Republic took notice of Qui - John Quinn and told him he was an asshole [Master Jedi Asshole, that is].  In case your rusty on your Star Wars facts, Palpatine, a politician with broad shoulders  is also known as Darth Thickskinious a Dark Lord of the Sith ,  Darth Thickskinious bestowed upon me the title of a Bigger Jedi Asshole than Qui - John Quinn.  That makes me a Grand Master Jedi Asshole.......... The Master has now become the apprentice

Obi - Jim Cenobi