Saturday, October 29, 2016

Village Elections

Village Of Alexandria Bay:

We have an important election coming up. Nope, not that presidential one. I am talking about the Village of Alexandria Bay electing two [2] village trustees.

I stepped down is Democrat Chairman back in June. I notified the County Commissioner, Chairman, and all of our local party members. I posted several blog articles, asking for someone "special" to step up and take the reigns. That ball rolled around the field and nobody picked it up. I guess it was easier for the committee to do nothing and point blame.....

That is why the Democrats never had a caucus and therefore no candidates on the ballot. Which does not make some downtown business owners very happy. Not that they really have a say, since they are not registered voters in the village.

But opinions they have! In late September I talked with one business owner who greeted me with..... "Way to drop the Political Ball" in reference to me stepping down as Chair. This guy learned instantly that I was not going to take that slam. He immediately retracted that comment with. "Just Kidding". And he believed I fell for that and continued to weave a tale of a meeting of key downtown business owners expressing their displeasure for one of the Republican Candidates. They referred to him as a loose canon, a menace to the community and clueless in regards to the differences between Municipality and Commerce. [Local Govt and Business].

Can't say that I disagree with their assessment of that Republican candidate. But wait, there are 2 Republican
candidates on the ballot for village trustee[s]. I just can not leave you wondering which one. now can I? That would be unfair to the other....

I will tell you who the business owners were NOT referring to. They were not referring to Mark H. Reynolds. You can choose Mark by going to row B column 8.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Call The Caucus [Last Post]

Village Of Alexandria Bay

A Village registered Democrat needs to step up and call the Caucus. There will be no need for a Town Caucus this year. The Republicans have another year to run amok.

The Village has 2 open Trustee Seats for a 2 year term. The last day to file Caucus Nominations with the B.O.E. is September 20th. Notice of Caucus has to be advertised and submitted to the B.O.E. 10 days prior to the date of the Caucus which should be held before September 20th. All documents from the caucus have to be time stamped prior to 5 pm on September 20th.

If you do not know, I resigned as Chairman in June! I resigned because someone else wanted to take it over via  coup d'├ętat. So I told Dean Erck, since you wanted it, now it is yours. I have no idea where he is, so if you see him, tell him to put all his rhetoric away and call the Caucus. 

No sweat off of my brow if we have a caucus or not....


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016 Democrat Caucus

Town of Alexandria and Village Of Alexandria Bay:

As I have stated before, I am no longer the Chairman of the local Democrat Party.
One of you fellow Dems. needs to "Call" The Caucus. This must be done soon. The Last day to file nominations from the Caucus is Sept. 20th.

I have all the information that one needs to conduct a caucus. Contact me and I will give it to you. The job of chairman is not difficult just thankless and..............

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Please Carry Out What You Carried In

Town Of Alexandria:

Sometimes a little more thought should go into the placement of signage. I am sure the Town Board never intended this to be humorous. But I bet after this video, they will claim they did!

Like a friend said to me..... this could be a little tough on the Pallbearers

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016