Friday, October 31, 2008

Addie Jenne Russell for Assembly

Addie was born and raised in Philadelphia NY and now resides in Theresa. Addie is also a twice-elected Jefferson County Legislator and community volunteer.

Addie will be in the Village of Alexandria Bay on November 2nd at 10:30 AM
at the corner of Church and James Streets. This is one of 23 stops she will be making this weekend.  Please attend and help support Addie.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sincerely Disappointed

I received the following comment in this topic 240-696-7345renzi

Anonymous said...

I am baffled that one man would waste his/her time on such a blog that is basically an endorsement for the democratic party. Why don't you run if you really want a voice or yet make money for your egotistical opinions. If in doing this you fill a void in your life, well then congrats. However, if in filling this void you demean other people, there really is no benefit. Are you making the community a better place? It is the bully mentality that I see. By picking on other people, we can feel better about ourselves. Well everyone has their flaws. We need to be a community united and until we can build each other up instead of breaking each other down; we are just spinning our wheels in the mud.
~ Sincerely disappointed
October 22, 2008 9:17 PM

I could not make heads or tails of it till I got this comment in the same topic tonight:

Jim Capaldi said...

The anonymous comment was sent to keep the worms in the can. Anyways in a couple of days this election will be in the past. My hope is that you can use your voice to bring good to the community, not cause fractures. Obviously you want people to read what you think, that is the whole purpose of the blog. If you didn't want people to look at it and comment on it, then you wouldn't have set it up this way. Regardless, I see a defense mechanism go up anytime a person disagrees (the best defense is a good offense).
As for Dotster why the hell should a person have to sign their name on a post on a blog? So those who disagree can ostracize the person?
Anyways I am giving you an audience because I care about the community and you do too. By the way, the his/her was not a cheap shot by a marginal idiot, it was referring to the other voice in your household that talks to you on a daily basis.
October 30, 2008 8:29 PM

This second comment sheds a little light on the first and I suppose that they are the same person.  As of this posting I have no clue who Jim Capaldi is or IF I should know who he is.  I do give him credit for following up his intial anonymous said comment with the unmasked version that you see above.  I have had many opportunities to NOT sign my comments that I have posted on other blogs and comments on WWNY news at noon.  I have not only used pguston, but the website to my blog and my real name.....Jim Cummings.  Regarding Dotster and the way his forum is set up.........Even though you can use an anonymous nick it still gives some identity as to who that person is so you can seperate one anonymous from another.  I believe that if you are going to talk shit about someone, then you ought to sign your name to it.  Thanks to Jim Capaldi for following up on his first comment.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABay VB meeting October 28

Click this link For the audio of last nights VB meeting.

Highlights from the meeting:

Move the slider to about 54:27 and you will hear the VB Secretary Laura Coles do a Roll Call Vote......First name she calls is Trustee Robb, the former mayor made the statement to Laura "that hurt".........

Water Rate Decision for the Redwood Water District:35:45

Renovations to the Village PD office. That topic starts at about 41:11

Advertise to hire a Full Time Police Officer: 1:1:30

Addie Russell Tours the River District

Addie Jenne Russell announces 23 stop of the River District

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I will Listen to Anyone

For years people have come up to me and told me things about themselves, much to my dismay.  I have often asked myself........why do they tell me this stuff?  I do not have an answer, nor will I ever find one.  I guess I have that tell me your life story look on my face.....Tonight a friend of mine called me and I could not answer it because I was at a VB meeting.  After I found out why he called I would have left that meeting in an instant, handing over my trusty digital voice recorder to a perfect stranger.  To my shock I found out that Bobby Cantwell was in town.  He was looking to swing a few Addie votes his way.  I am not willing to give anything away but I would be very willing and interested to listen to what Bobby had to say.  Has he forgotten where Uncle Jim lives?  Maybe he also forgot the promise he made to come and have a beer with me back in August. So, Bobby I invite you to tell me your side personally. Before all you negative people start typing your crap as "anonymous saids" forget about it..............

Bobby, I am willing to listen to you until I make my vote on November 4th around 4:30 pm.  But I would not wait that long.....
UJ jc pg

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Song For Darrel & Addie.....

Just a "Feel Good" tune that I thought might sum up todays meet and greet in the Bay.......

Leave your worries behind

'Cause rain, shine don't mind
We're ridin' on the groove line tonight

Check out the wheels a turnin'
You know we won't stop
We got this boiler burnin'
We're keepin' it hot
So grab your friends
Get the train comin' through
Climb on board
Where you leave's up to you..................

Darrel Aubertine speaks in Abay

Addie Russell at the Meet & Greet Today

Addie warmed up the gathering for Darrel

Darrel Aubertine in Abay

Darrel visited Alex Bay today with a special guest, Addie Russell.  Other local dignitaries were also present.

Darrel Aubertine Meet and Greet

Just a reminder that Darrel will be at the Village Municipal Building today at noon.  Even though this a Democrat function, everyone is encouraged to come and meet Darrel.

The link below is a letter to the editor in Fridays WDT

Republicans force good man to go negative

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political Mailers

What I would not give for the postage spent on these mailers from all the candidates.  But, I received a couple of them today that caught my eye.  Oddly enough they were Addie Russell mailers:

Hillary Clinton endorses Addie.
P.E.F. Public Employees Federation [my union] also endorses Addie.

I know it is hard to "read" me sometimes.......given that I am unpredictable and not to be trusted....... heh!
Regardless of what Hillary has to say, or the gentle nudging of my union urging us to vote for Addie......nah nobody really cares who I vote for........who would want to listen to my egotistical opinion anyways.......................................................................................

Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign Managers, Consultants, and Staffers and Whoever!

Blunder after Blunder on both sides of the political fence, Republican or Democrat, Assembly or Senate.  Some have screwed up more than others.  All the blogs and forums are talking about what this candidate said or did and what the other did not do or say.  Is it entirely the candidates fault or is it ........bad management?  Maybe there are no bad candidates just poor choices in campaign managers, consultants or staffers.  So who runs the campaign?  Here is a quick definition.  How about the political party?  Could they be at fault?  Do they take control of the candidate and turn their campaign into a folly of Monty Python-esque proportions?  This state election has turned into an epic proportion of mud slinging backstabbing, double talking, contradictory bunch of malarkey.  I have been to some fund raisers and meets and greets that have been ......well ummmm....embarassing.  How can all of this get so out of control?  I want to take out the finger of "your to blame" and point it at the guilty party.  But who is to shoulder the blame?  Is it the candidate or the person they appointed to manage them?  Worse yet, is it the political party that supports that candidate.  I have my suspicions.  Of course there is the festering information that comes from the media:  which includes papers, tabloids, blogs [this one too] forums, radio and tv interviews......the whole gamut.  I am disheartened, disgruntled and annoyed...............

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A comment from a taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Check out our local Alexandria Bay Village Trustee candidates GOOD before you pull that lever.

Remember someone that can't take pride in their own home sure can't take much pride in our Village! A little paint, elbow grease and a rake go along way! And what about old cars and boats in the yard? It's a Village law Candidates!

Also look into their personal history! Good jobs they've held and been relieved from...WHY??HUMMM....PLEASE DO SOME HOMEWORK!!!

A Taxpayer

October 23, 2008 1:38 PM

The above was posted today but it was in response to an older topic and most of you would not have ventured down the list of topics to even notice it.  It can be found Here.  I thought it was worthy of its own topic.  Let the comments fly............

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Not as catchy as tommy tutone's 867-5309/JENNY.  But this call did get my attention.......Dave Renzi says please stay on the line for a live townhall style conference call.  I listened in facination as Dave actually talked to real people and listened and reacted to their real concerns......I am not going to give davey any free publicity on this one.

This was an insult to anyones intelligence, even my 12 yo son listened to the so called teleconference and he knew it was staged.  He said Dad, people just do not talk that way!  He said he thought it sounded like it was rehearsed.  Atta Boy pg-jr!

IMO this "LIVE" call had the same feel as if you stepped on a steamy pile of dog $h1t in your bare feet!  DISGUSTING>>>>>REPULSIVE

davey davey who can I turn to?

Darrel Aubertine thats who!!!!

Economics Morons!

Supply and demand, the most basic of economic principles is understood by most.  But honestly folks neither one of the candidates running for 118th Assembly River District, Cantwell or Russell knows anymore than you or me about economics.  Guess what else?????? Nobody in Albany gives a rats ass about what these two candidates have planned to save our state from economic turmoil.  The respective parties economic plans are already in motion bouncing off each other.  Let me repeat myself .... Albany does not care who Addie or Bobby are and Albany is not interested in anything they have to say.  Who ever wins that seat will be given this description of what he/she is to do.......are you ready for it?  Here goes:

  1. Sit here with your mentor.
  2. Do Not say one word unless your mentor asks you a question [NOT Likely].
  3. Sit some more with your mouth closed.  [Nobody in Albany cares what a freshman political neophyte has to say].
  4. Sign on the line when you are told to.
  5. Sit some more with your mouth closed and eyes and ears wide open.
  6. Try to fit in and make contacts for your future network.
The bottom line is this.......the best candidate is the one that is equipped with social and political survival skills. 
 Vote for the person not the plan!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

R. Leslie and R. Lester>>>>>The Drakes

The WDT reports on the 2 Drakes running for VB Trustee.  If you were not confused before reading this article, then you might be dazed and confused after reading it.  I am going to have to get pictures of Richard the elder and Richard the younger, then post them when referring to either or both........
Republican Richard Drake
"The Younger"
Running for 1 year term Village Trustee

Democrat Incumbent Richard Drake
"The Elder"
Running for a 2 year term

Small Town America is PO'd at Cantwell

Small Town America is upset.  STA is shocked to find out that the words Bobby spoke to her on the night she met him "I am a fresh face. I have a fire in my belly. I'm ready to get in there and get to work" were repeated in a News10Now video interview. I told you that Bobby was a natural salesman with the ability to sell a ham sandwich to a pig or an ice cream sandwich to an eskimo.  Well STA, which one of those sale pitches did you not like?  I already know the answer to that question.  STA concludes her rant with this piece of advise:

Here's another bit of advice...

When talking "candidly" to Small Town America in the future, Mr. Cantwell, please preface your remarks with the following disclaimer:

"I'm Bobby Cantwell, and your ears are simply a vessel for my talking points."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Addie Russell 8 Day schedule

Addie will be making appearences across the 118th River District over the next 8 days.  Her schedule appears in Todays WDT

Republican Richard Drake

Richard Drake is a Republican running for the 1 year term for Alex. Bay Village Board Trustee.  Richard also works as a Broker for BCYB and is a Captain of the tour boat Bonnie Belle.  The following is an email that I recieved from Richard:

Dear Village of Alexandria Bay,
Most people don't know me very well and that is why I am writing this letter, to introduce myself and explain why I am running for Village Trustee. I have nothing but good intentions going into this. I truly love Alexandria Bay, and the people here have been great to work and live with. I moved here 5 years ago, and vowed I would never live anywhere else. I became friends with several of the village residents, some of whom were involved in village politics. I have listened enough to become interested and often passionate about certain subjects.

I cannot go out and make people promises that I can't keep. I won't say, "I will accomplish this" , or "I will do that", because frankly, I just don't know. I have never done anything like this before, My grandfather was on the village board in Clayton for a good number of years so I do have an idea of what it takes to do the job. I am running for the one year term on get my feet wet and see what, if anything I can do to make Alexandria Bay a better place to live, work and recreate. This community has more potential than any place I have been. I would like to see an Alex Bay that thrives all year long, not just in the summer months. I would like to see an Alex Bay that doesn't rely on 3 or 4 drunken weekends to conduct all the business for the "season". I would also like to see the "season" go from January to December. There is no reason that this community cannot have a thriving economy all year long. The one thing that I am very interested in is making this place even better. I don't think that can be done by one person, certainly not in one year, but gradually over time. I may get elected and become discouraged, or find it too time consuming, or mentally demanding. In that case I will give it my all for the full term that I was elected to and I will choose to not run again. On the other hand,I may find it rewarding and satisfying. In that case will continue to try to serve on the future boards.

There is a very real possibility that I won't get elected at all, in that case I will continue to try and promote commerce and progress in Alexandria Bay the way I have been doing...interacting with our local community and making the tourists feel at home while visiting the 1000 Islands.

Believe me, my intentions are all good. I want to do what is best for our Village Community.

Richard Leslie Drake

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breakfast Buffet with Addie

Everyone is cordially invited to a sumptuous Breakfast Buffet 10:30 AM Saturday Oct. 25th at the Northside Improvement League Mill St. Watertown. Reservations can be made by calling 777-4900 at Addie's Watertown HQ or 714-2444, at her Canton HQ. Please RSVP by Wednesday October 22nd, tickets are $10.00 per person.
Featured guest is the Democratic Candidate for the 118th District NYS Assembly Seat Addie Jenne Russell

Monday, October 13, 2008

Debate Debate Debate

I found this in today's WDT:

Donald J. Lucas, a write-in candidate for the 118th Assembly District seat, will join a 7 p.m. debate Thursday at the North Side Improvement League, 633 Mill St. with Democrat Addie J. Russell, Theresa, and Republican Robert W. Cantwell III, Clayton.

Taa.. Daa... River Town Democrats

Darrel Aubertine 
At the Alex Bay Municipal Building on Sunday October 26th at Noon.
 This is a meet and greet with coffee and donuts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What I think Of the Republican Candidates.

Click the picture below for a link to an elaborate essay by pguston.

Who is Running the Village DPW?

Greg Millet has stepped in as interim Superintendent to fill the vacancy  when Roger Jobson left his position effective 10/8/08.

According to Mayor Robb [I called him] , he and Trustee Sweet are canvasing a list of applicants.  No decision has been made yet who will be "appointed" to this position.  Several other candidates have yet to be interviewed.  Once a choice has been made, the name has to be submitted to the County for it's rubber stamp of approval [County has requirements that the candidate must meet]

Hey Sarah Palin......

Another Sign for a Local Candidate

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Darrel Aubertine

Coffee and Donuts with Darrel on Sunday October 19th
Alexandria Bay Municipal Building
12 noon

Heard it from a friend, who heard it.......

Addie Russell will be at Skiffs this Sunday October 12th at 10:30 am.  Other local democratic candidates will be there to share a donut and a cup of coffee with you. 

Detailed info can be found here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I have been absorbing all the campaign posturing with press releases about out of touch this and negative comments that...... Reading all the comments from anonymous posters on various blogs. Some of these posters seem to be economic guru's with the same dexterity as monday morning quarter backs. I am annoyed with most of this fluffy crap. I have already made up my mind, that any candidate that remotely engages another with non-constuctive or negative ads or comments will not get my vote [period]. Not everyone is going to get money back from either the Tax Cap or Circuit Breaker Tax. I may not meet the qualifications for either one, but then again this is not just about me. It is about all of us! To quote my late father in-law.............Everybody has to suffer just a little bit..................

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Money NOT Well Spent!

The money that has been spent on the Renzi Campaign is obscene.  Check this article out from the WDT
......The state Senate Republican Campaign Committee has sent $658,450 to its candidate, David A. Renzi, finance disclosure reports show. The committee has spent an additional $299,679 on his behalf......

A chuckle or Two

I stole this from a poster over at the JCWB,  although I understand what Bobby was getting at, the post below struck me as funny. 

Yesterday on Newzjunky, Cantwell is quoted as saying his opponent, Addie Jenne Russell "Voted against Off Shore drilling".... Where exactly, in Jefferson County is there any "Off Shore drilling?" Or where are powers that be proposing to drill?

Thurso Bay, Mud Bay, Alex Bay? Just curious........

This is the article that the poster was referring to.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hold on to Your Shorts

I know I am not the gateway to information in Alex bay.  I owe a good deal of this blogs traffic to my friend Dotster @  Most of you will know what I am going to tell you before you read it here.  But I am going to announce it here anyways:

This will no doubt make some very happy and make others want to curl up and die.
Let the games begin!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I watched the Whole Interview

My mind goes in a million different directions......and I normally can not maintain enough attention to watch a video or a movie that does not have action or suspense.  The Addie Jenne Russell Interview did not have that edge of your seat lure or heart thumping adrenalin rush.  So what kept me watching and actively listening?  This type of media and interview is new to our community and I was interested in seeing how well it was going to be "pulled off".  I was waiting for some kind of a political punch out of nowhere.  That did not happen......The interview was conducted just as was described in both Blogs.  I was also curious to see what opportunity that Bobby and Darrel missed.  All that can be said is:  "Boyz ya missed the boat on this one"  The questions were appropriate but not namby-pamby, and the answers from Addie were honest, direct and from the heart.  I would be cheating you if I said anymore about this interview, spoiling it for you,.......You need to take the time and watch and listen to Addie.  Then you can take another step toward making the decision, of who you want to be in the Assembly of the 118th River District.

Candidates Defined Project

A project started by two opposing blogs: Danger Democrat and Political IV.  A very informal but in depth interview with Addie Jenne Russell and Dave Renzi.

Chamber Of Commerce

Mr. and Mrs. Q. invited yours truly to the end of the year COC Uncle Sam Boat Cruise.  Lots of great food donated by local businesses.  I took a few random and candid shots of the event.  Here is some audio from tonights cruise.......