Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do You Have A Voting Strategy?

Some vote straight party line.  They choose their party row and shade in all the boxes from left to right.  In my opinion this is not really a strategy but more of a mindless approach to voting. Although it does have its merits when a candidate is running unopposed or 2 candidates for 2 seats.  I know of some that will leave a box blank as kind of a no vote for that person.  I have had opportunities in the past  to view the tallies of the votes in our community after the polls have closed  and I have noticed that this is done more often than some might realize.  Not sure if the difference between voter turn out and totaling the number of votes for each candidate are all no votes or voter indifference because they may not know anything about that person and just skipped them.

If you have ever intentionally skipped a candidate on a ballot.... Raise Your Hand! Good for you, this next strategy might just work for you.  How about the 3 way race for 2 seats? We have 2 of those races, one in the village for trustee and one in the town for councilperson.  Take a look at the sample ballot below....

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There are 3 candidates and the ballot tells you to vote for any 2.  In theory if you follow those directions your second choice will cancel out your first. It might be hard to understand at first but if you give it some thought over the weekend it just might make sense to you in time for Election Day. How about if you ignore the directions and just vote for 1 candidate, your absolute favorite one [and best choice]! This tactical strategy is called Bullet Voting and it is better explained HERE.  I hope you take the time to read might be very surprised at the results after the polls close.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Local Ballot [Sample]

Village of Alexandria Bay and Town Of Alexandria:
Set aside the politics of your party and vote for the "best" candidate on November 5th

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Trading In The Beast

Ten years ago I purchased a 2003 VW Jetta Wagon.  165K miles later it seemed that it was time to trade the loyal beast for a newer version.  The beast performed very well over the years and aged gracefully just recently showing signs of surface rust.

I called my friend Walt Young at FX Caprara VW and he found a perfect replacement for the beast.  Walt and I are both into making videos.  At the closing of the sales transaction, Walt pulled his video camera out and said, we are going to make a funny commercial.  So I played along.....  The following video is a collaborative piece.  I added the spooky intro, and inserted the zombie over Walt's portion of the video, and then added the cute clip of our dog Luna at the end.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Laker

Alexandria Bay:

I shot this video last night while sipping on a beer at The Pointe, Bonnie Castle Resort.  Tons of videos out there with ships passing in front of Boldt Castle.  So I tried to make this one just a little different.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Video Guy

Alexandria Bay:

During the last Blues In The Bay, I grabbed a few seemingly random video shots. I had them on my camera for a month before I uploaded them and then realized what I had.  Incriminating evidence!  I will admit that I am guilty of this same ruse. Pretending to video tape the cute dog or kid while secretly video taping a rather hot looking momma! It is a secret that us video guys have and it is one that I am willing to share with the world.  As a result, Walt Young has kicked me out of the Video Guy Club!  My only redemption.... buying Walt a nice bottle of Scotch... or you can go visit him at FX Caprara and buy a car from him..... tell him I sent you.......and maybe he will let me back into the Video Guy Club.....Please watch the video

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Newly Ordained: Deacon Joel

The Catholic Community Of Alexandria:

Yesterday at St. Mary's Cathedral in Ogdensburg, my brother-in-law Joel Walentuk along with 12 others from North Country Parishes , were ordained as Deacons by Bishop Terry R. LaValley.  Today these 13 men begin their ministries of The Word, Alter, and Charity. Many years of hard work and sacrifice by them and their families have led up to assisting in their first Mass today, and many more to come.  Congratulations to ALL... Please watch the video and Meet Deacon Joel

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Town Of Alexandria:

I am unpredictable.  It is one of my many quirky behaviors that I like to use..... regularly. Just because I can, and I know it annoys some people [hopefully a lot of people].  I had a visit today from 3 town workers who support Andrew Davis.  They made a special effort to come talk to me, the mad blogger.  I am not really mad, just unpredictable and crazy with no ties to anyone or any group.... Some call it being Rogue.... I like that word.......R=O=G=U=E

I had already read the political pamphlet, which caused me to think and read it more closely a second time.  I listened to what the 3 town workers had to say, but more importantly, I took notice of what was not said.  I am not going to share either with you, I am just going to say, if they come knocking on your door, take some time and listen...... closely.......

Town Of Alexandria Highway Superintendent is going to be a hard seat to win.....  Most political races on this level are won based on family name and notoriety..... which is ok, as long as they possess the credentials and the finesse to get the job done with out the drama.....

I am not endorsing one over the other..... not that anyone really cares or hangs on my opinion.  All I am encouraging you to do is to make an educated vote........

Till election day..... my door is open, and so is my choice....

Update: after posing this story, I had a visit from Andy and his wife Holly..... we had a nice visit......