Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do You Have A Voting Strategy?

Some vote straight party line.  They choose their party row and shade in all the boxes from left to right.  In my opinion this is not really a strategy but more of a mindless approach to voting. Although it does have its merits when a candidate is running unopposed or 2 candidates for 2 seats.  I know of some that will leave a box blank as kind of a no vote for that person.  I have had opportunities in the past  to view the tallies of the votes in our community after the polls have closed  and I have noticed that this is done more often than some might realize.  Not sure if the difference between voter turn out and totaling the number of votes for each candidate are all no votes or voter indifference because they may not know anything about that person and just skipped them.

If you have ever intentionally skipped a candidate on a ballot.... Raise Your Hand! Good for you, this next strategy might just work for you.  How about the 3 way race for 2 seats? We have 2 of those races, one in the village for trustee and one in the town for councilperson.  Take a look at the sample ballot below....

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There are 3 candidates and the ballot tells you to vote for any 2.  In theory if you follow those directions your second choice will cancel out your first. It might be hard to understand at first but if you give it some thought over the weekend it just might make sense to you in time for Election Day. How about if you ignore the directions and just vote for 1 candidate, your absolute favorite one [and best choice]! This tactical strategy is called Bullet Voting and it is better explained HERE.  I hope you take the time to read might be very surprised at the results after the polls close.

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