Monday, November 4, 2013

Pre-Election Day

Village Of Alexandria Bay and Town Of Alexandria:

A few days ago I posted a blurb about Tactical Voting i.e. Bullet Voting.  Another tactic that I should have mentioned is the "Write In".  Some people will write in their own name or someone famous like Mickey Mouse or not so famous..... Walter Felterbush.  The Write In can be a very powerful tool, not so much for winning the current election but maybe a future one.  If there were enough bonafide Write In's on the Ballot, then maybe that person[s] might just make a serious attempt at running for public office the next go around.

When it comes right down to it, I know that most people are reluctant to throw their hat into the political arena.  HA!  I said that word r-e-l-u-c-t-a-n-t.  It was a word that I used to describe myself as a reluctant candidate when I ran for village trustee a couple of years ago. In an attempt to discredit my candidacy  a local bully jumped all over me for making this statement.  Being reluctant or hesitant is a sign of humility and unpretentiousness at the possibility of becoming voted in as a public servant.  Those that criticize these traits are out of touch dinosaurs that will hopefully become extinct.... soon.

Everyone needs to make a commitment to go out and vote tomorrow even though it is only a municipal election year.  And here is a shameless plug for the best Election Day Ham Dinner held at St. Cyrils Church.

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