Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shared Services Workshop

Members from both boards were present at a workshop to discuss shared services.  Martha Millett , Doug Williams, and Dale Hunneyman represented the town.   The village sent  trustees Cindy Chaltain and Steve Jarvis.
The audio of this discussion can be found by clicking here. 
This is the first workshop to discuss sharing of services between the Village and Town.  Obviously one service can not be shared,  the Village Police Dept.  Nothing else is sacred in the sharing is caring department.  Playing nicely together will help us share in the Planning and Zoning Boards, Village and Town Justice and the mingling of the Village DPW and Town Highway Dept.  The DPW and Highway Dept[s] could see one supervisor with the possibility of early retirement incentives for some of the employees in both departments.  The dissolution of the Village Board was also discussed with the creation of a Municipal Board.
None of this happens with the wave of  a magic wand and the uttering of bibbitybobbityboo!  Lots of planning, communicating, more planning, research, more communicating, and even more research is needed for the shared services concepts to succeed.  More on these workshops as they occur.
Later Added:  Another very important part of this process is community attendance and constructive input.
Regular Town Meeting audio can be found by by clicking here


curmudgeon said...

Were any others there? Is there any interest in the community in expressing opinions and offering comments?
This is a big deal, or at least it was in Clayton, a few years ago. I recall their meeting were well attended.
Why is the VB just sending their newbies and not the mayor hisself?
How about an attendance roll call?

jim cummings said...

Geez Cur. I am trying to encourage people to listen to the audio so they get the info first hand. There were other citizens at the workshop.....tease tease tease. I guess you will all have to listen to the audio