Sunday, January 25, 2009

Issues Of Concern

The following is a list of actions that the VB has granted at my/our request.  Why do I say my/our?  Because they did not benefit me personally.  I requested them because I believed they would make our village a better place to live or enhance our guests/tourist stay in our little resort village.  This topic was another part of the Wednesday discussion that the mayor and I had.  The mayor brought this up by saying "we [the VB] have granted all of the requests that you [JC/PG] have made at the meetings, most of them were nonsense.....".  "We [the VB] have done what you have wanted, why do you keep writing about us on the internet".
I wonder which one of these the mayor was referring to?  The following is in no particular order.

  1. Clean up Goose Poop Park.
  2. Clean up the debris at the Village Beach.
  3. Add more trash receptacles in the downtown area.
  4. Increase the emptying of those trash recepticles on the busier days.
  5. Place doggy doo dispensers for the tourists.  Yes I use those too!
  6. Repair the crosswalk at the intersection of Church and Northern.  This was being done at other intersections in the village.
  7. Repair the wire that was hanging at knee level in front of the old COC.
  8. Examine the storm drains in front of my house on Church St.  This storm water has over flowed onto church st and wreaked havoc with my basement and 2 adjacent neighbors basements.  OK OK this was a personal request.
  9. Remove the 4 ft snow pile at the crosswalk of Church St and RT12.
  10. Voiced concern over the parking spaces at the intersections of Rock/Walton and Church Sts.
  11. Asked the VB twice for clarification on the Village PD renovation project.   etc etc.

I have always thanked the VB for their co-operation and acting on these public concerns.  I figured that was my only obligation to them.  Instead they were expecting me to close my blog and stop posting topics about things that I thought were wrong or needed attention.
I guess I never realized that there was a price tag affixed to any request made of the VB. It seems that the price I was expected to pay was to sacrafice the first amendment: a right to freedom of speech and freedom of press.


Muskeybait said...

YOU ARE THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, YOU DO THW WHOLE VILLAGE A SERVICE - DO NOT SACRIFICE YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. You too are a public servant and perhaps should be paid for your significant efforts versus those who do not wish to serve.

Muskeybait said...

Do NOT give up your first amendment rights. You are a public servant, even though you are not paid for it - perhaps your interests are greater than those who are paid? You speak for the public. Thank you and run for public paid position next term - you belong there!