Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frigid Frosty Freezin Friday

 I put the winter boots on along with a fleece lined pair of pants and trudged on downtown.  I only had to walk in the road once because a sidewalk was not cleared of snow, but more on that later in another topic!  I ventured on to Skiffs to meet my friend Curmudgeon.  While I was waiting for him to show, I ran into Mike and Tracey.  Fellow posters from  They were up for the BCYB boaters party.  Good to see you both!  Cur showed and we shared some peanuts, a couple of beers for me and a couple of NA's for him.  I took some ribbing from a couple of my friends, when my wife showed up.  What can I say,  she and I are like PB & J.......and no she did not show up to "clip my wings"!  I had a nice chat with Critter and another Buddy [ who does not like to be mentioned or photographed]. 

I bundled back up and headed home.  Well sort of!  I had to make a pit stop at the Dancin Dog.  I bellied up to the bar and shot the bull with my friend Ron Waterson.  He was not staying long because he promised his wife he would be home for dinner.......shortly.  A promise soon to be broken when he was lured onto the stage by MXG and DG aka the Dog Brothers.  Without any further delay............
Here's Ronny

Ron Waterson from p guston on Vimeo.

Here is a video from a few weeks ago of Ron's brother Bob.  Now if we can get the 2 of them to play together! 
Bob Waterson Jammin @ The Dog

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Tracey said...

And it was great to see you and cur also! maybe see you at the polar dip, in the meantime, have a great winter!!!!