Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Why DO I Blog?

I certainly ask myself that question every time I push the publish post button. I respond to topics that get my attention, move me, piss me off, or might piss you off.  I do not blog to regurgitate the news that someone else has already written about.  I do not crawl around the World Wide fuckin Web to find stories that I think you should know about. I could give a flyin fuck whether you comment on my posts or if you pick a fight with someone else who made a comment.  There are enough of those blogs kickin around the WWW. I do what I want, when I want, to who I want.

So if your a relative, neighbor,  fellow parishioner, co-worker, local politician, political coat-tail ridin wannabe.... and your just itchin to hijack my thoughts and divert what I have to say so that your cancerous thoughts can prevail............FORGET ABOUT IT! 

All the above is in response to a statement made to me today:  that we bloggers need to get busy and should be posting more political stuff [Joe the Homeless, North Country Liberal and Small Town America have taken a hiatus]....... is that what you were looking for Pat Y. ?

1 comment:

py55 said...

No JC I like what you do on your blog but when you have nothing to blog about I go into withdrawal so kept up the go work when you can