Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shared Services With Town Meeting


Village Trustees Chaltain and Jarvis will be meeting @ 5pm on January 7th 2009 @ The Town Offices on Old Goose Bay Road to discuss shared services with Town officials. The Town of Alexandria Organizational Meeting will follow @ 6pm.  This is an open meeting for the general public.

This is a brainstorming session. Some of the areas possibly to be shared are as follows:

Planning Board
Zoning Board

Although, one thing was not mentioned. The possibility of consolidating the 2 governing bodies to eliminate the potential of Bureaucratic B.S. in the form of territorial interference.......

Neither the Town or Village web sites have any info on these meetings.  Kind of a shame that they both spent over $1000.00 each on this technology and neither of them can maintain their sites.  Maybe not a lot of people check them for info, but a few of us do.

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