Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Tool Box

My Dad passed away several years ago. I "inherited" his tool box that was filled with all sorts of tools and a wide assortment of screws, bolts, widgets and other odds and ends. When I first glanced into this box I saw only tools and stuff! I kept the box over the years just as I had received it. Nothing special in there,,,, only fond memories of my Dad reaching into his tool box and retrieving a tool or some hardware to fix something that was broken.

On several occasions, I have searched his tool box for a special screw, a washer or some odd thingamajig to fix something, and miraculously it was always on top.... right there in plain sight. Never noticing it the last time I rummaged through my Dads tool box.

Tonight I broke a plastic hose clamp on our pools filter system. Water gushed all over the place. I frantically searched high and low for a metal hose clamp. Could not find one anywhere. In desperation, I grabbed my Dad's red tool box and flipped open the latches.......... and right on top was a metal hose clamp..... the perfect size..... shiny..... no rust....just sitting there on a pile of rusted useless nuts bolts and washers as if it were patiently waiting. The clamp looked like it did not belong there.... but there it was. I grabbed it and closed and latched the tool box. The leak was fixed.

Later, I was tempted to go back to my dads tool box and take pictures or video.... as an inventory of the contents of his tool box to prove to me in the future something I should not know......... something I am not meant to know about MY DAD'S TOOL BOX

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