Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keewaydin Closing Petition Comments

 Some more comments that people are leaving on the Stop The Closing Of Keewaydin Petition:

Why does this Governor feel it necessary to close things or tax things that the poor or middle class people enjoy, why not go after the guy who makes a lot of money like Patterson bet he gets his refund check on time.

Closing the park is Not worth saving $40,000.00 the cost to the surrounding area would be much more. We need more of this type of recreation available to people especially kids. There's nothing better than camping for kids. Fun family time with out the TV. So Please Give This More Thought And Don't Close The Park. 

How about closing the Governors office and save more money you would closing the parks, make the Governor pay rent for the mansion he lives in for free.

It's a damn shame what the governor is doing to this state and the people in it..

I know were people are coming from. I was involved in a petition last fall to try to get the ball rolling about keeping Coles Creek State Park from closing a month earlier then they have in the past. It's to bad these upper people like Kevin Keiff and Commissioner Ash would start to realize just how much camping is a great family thing to do. The state keeps taking and taking things away and now camping which was somewhat affordable for tax payers to do. JUST WHAT AND WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO??? TO MANY 6 DIGIT SALARIES OUT THERE THE STATE HAS TO PAY OUT WITH THE TAX PAYERS MONEY. OF COURSE THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CUTS TO THE UPPER CRUST OF STATE WORKERS WHO ARE MAKING THESE CRAZY DECISIONS. 

If you have not done so, please sign the online petition...Thank you!

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