Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keewaydin Komments ;)

 This is a comment I received this morning.  Some good thoughts.....I have one correction to make...  when Reserve America is used to reserve a camping site, there is a one time $9.00 charge on top of the campsite fees.  A small portion of this fee goes back to the state...  And if your wondering who the Clayton dude is????  That would be Clayton Town Supervisor Justin Taylor.

After listening to Ron's comments and Keiff's answer I would like to illustrate one great point. The 15 dollar camping fee is dictated by the state with only a small "premium" charge for a waterfront site a "couple" of dollars. Ron had the figures quoted how a private site was around the 25 dollar range. He brought up the fact only a 6 dollar increase would bring all of the Parks in the black including the pool.

Addie Russell does not want to price families out of camping but would be "the bad guy" to ask for a raise but only a small increase. Ron brought up the fact they could add many more sites and make it more economical. That sent Keiff into the fact that black and red for operating Keewaydin only took in seasonal expense not the expense when it is shut down? Basically 60 percent of the Parks state wide in total costs is overhead for the administration of parks not for having it open piece. Unfortunately that is the only piece parks were willing to cut. Not their salaries or overlapping layers in the parks. Ron did not bring up the fact they use this cost advantage for an unfair pricing in competition with business

This is the best one. 15 dollars for a camp site. 9 dollars goes to Reserve America, a private outfit. Even if parks does the reservation they get paid then give the state a "couple dollar kick back". Only 6 dollars goes into the Keewaydin column. I would have asked does the couple dollar kick back go into the local park balance sheet.

Ron did a fantastic job. I wish he had some back up. I wish someone who represents the families in this community was invited not just the Chamber of Commerce. The town, village and school do have a youth program and no one was invited to represent them. Not even Gayle who works for Hearts for Youth and is married to our Town Councilman. I guess Martha didn’t have time to call her but she called the Clayton dude.

Please listen to the audio feed. It is really great how Ron did and it is really sad that our Town board and village board didn’t think it was important, to them or to us.

Please everyone call Martha and tell her how disappointed they are with her invite only public meeting. I hope as many people are able go to the next Town meeting.

Dean Erck

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