Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lock Your Doors

All the following incidents have taken place over the last several weeks.  By themselves they may not seem to be anything to worry about.  But when you look at them as a group, you should start to wonder what is going on.

Several weeks ago around 6 in the morning a couple noticed something odd going on in their truck parked in the driveway. 2 men were rummaging around inside the vehicle.  The men were questioned by the owner of the truck and it was determined that the 2 men had used the truck  as a free flop house.  Who knows, the 2 men could have gotten away with a little more than the tongue lashing they received by the owner.

Just the other week a family was awakened by an intruder that had made his way into their apartment.  That situation could have escalated into something more than a man wandering and disorientated.......

Last week the A-Bay International was broken into.  The thieves pummeled the front door getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash and merchandise.

Yesterday a vehicle was stolen from a mans driveway, but later discovered abandoned at another part of the village.

So what is going on?  I see Police in cars, on bikes and on foot.  I sometimes wonder if our local PD is fixated with  the loop.  The loop is James St., Church St., Walton St., and Market.  All the above incidents occurred outside of this loop.  Before the tourist season started I used to see the PD patrol car perched at the car wash...religiously....every night.  I have not seen them at all lately. Also, one evening I saw 2 police officers on bike patrol riding up and down James St side by side.  And of course,  Bolton Ave is always very well patrolled.

Not trying to make you paranoid.....just bringing some of the local blotter stuff to your attention.  The stuff that never gets printed in the Local Happy Tabloid.  Lock your vehicles and your home doors and windows.


Anonymous said...

Where is Batman when you need him?

Amanda said...

I remember a few weeks ago, I woke up to go check and make sure my cat was inside, and the running lights on my truck were on as if someone got in and turned the key on. I was really scared so I called my boyfriend out to make sure no one was out there. Since then, we have been locking the vehicles at night! I live over on St. Lawrence Ave by the car wash, and I have not seen the ABPD sitting at the car wash in quite a while either - but usually they make a couple rounds on the street in the evening. Not sure about at night though.

Anonymous said...

Simple..........There ain't no money to be made bustin' crooks! Gotta stay on top of those drinkers that frequent "the loop"! Those are the lawbreakers that generate BIG money for the village and state with big fines they will pay!
The crooks get a handslap and free room and board and pay nothing and COST the state money!

Anonymous said...

Of course! No one cares about the people who live in the area year 'round. Lets just make sure the businesses stay, so they can pay thier taxes!

dtruesdell said...

Why can't we be more like Europe (just a little) in this country in some aspects? Get caught stealing/breaking in, you got a broken appendage by the cops! Seems like it would get the point across don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Dustin, I think the broken arms and legs were why the Europeans limped over here in the first place.
Oh yeah, and the right to worship some different gods.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the info Jim. Will definitely pay more attention to what is going on around me. Lucky for us, out here where we live, the State Police patrol our road and do so quite frequently. We are not in the Village, but we do have a dog that patrols our property as well as any of the dogs boarding who always make sure to let us know of intruders whether human or animal. I will pay more attention to the warning barks and start paying more attention to our outside cameras.


Anonymous said...

I believe Bonnie Castle Marina had issues as well about a week ago. Trailer hitches were stolen off vehicle, some other stuff, boats set loose. So yes lock your stuff up - something is going on in the A-Bay. I have seen the police on bikes in the marina during the day but never at night. What are the expecting to find during the day when everyone is around?