Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dock Fees Public Hearing 6.08.10

The audio below is the latest from the Dock Fees public hearing held last night.  There were hardly the number of concerned citizens at last nights hearing as there were at the previous one!

Believe it or not, I wish to be fair to the people that read this blog and to those that post comments.  Some post with their signature but most of you prefer to remain anonymous.  Most of the time people that comment stay on topic with the exception of  the topic Good O'l Boyz  I tend to let the comments go and sometimes they take on a life of their own.  However, their comes a point in time that these comments venture to far from the original topic.Try to stay on topic....if your anonymous comments become to edgy and you do not sign your name then they may be rejected.....or maybe not.  It all depends on my mood....

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