Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joy Ride

The DPW just had to have a new riding lawn mower.  The older one was 28 years old and described as scrap.  28 years sounds old, but as far as lawn mowers go they are only used 3 maybe 4 months out of the year.  That would be about 7 years to you and me.  So the old mower was put up for bid.  Who do you think wanted to bid on this  piece of crap.......several DPW workers....thats who!

The Trek Of The Mower
I have noticed over the years that the parcel of land located on this side of the car wash is mowed by a worker on a riding lawn mower.  It never clicked till today.  They drive that mower all the way from the Village Sheds to that parcel and back again.  Check out the map to see how far they have to travel.  Put it on a flat bed trailer and transport it or use push power mowers to do the job.  The oil change on a rider is measured in hours not MILES!

Listen to the audio, with slide show below as the bids are opened up by the mayor.  The picture in the slide show was taken today.  Since when does the mower have to be driven on village streets at that distance?  How long does it take for the worker to drive at 5 mph to and from?

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