Sunday, May 9, 2010

$3000 for Benches?

This is not a very interesting story.  But it shows a change in fiscal attitude.  I did not attend the last village board meeting {my doctors orders}.  I grabbed this Dock Bench discussion from this past weeks T.I. Sun.  6 benches at $500 a whack.  The board was told by the clerk that money for this is not available.  I agree with Trustee Jury, "I don't see why we need more" either!

Maybe there is a bench or two along the village streets that might not be missed if they were relocated to the dock.  Possibly a citizen would like to donate money for a bench in memory of a loved one?  Or maybe we need to wait till next year when it can be included in that budget.  Stick to the budget!

If the board thinks that adding benches to the dock will make enforcing the new no chairs on the dock ordinance won't. The location of the  Benches will not be convenient to the location of the boat!
Just like all the other ordinances, they will be selectively enforced...

How about the 2 green benches past the Gazebo?  Were they counted?

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curmudgeon said...

The forms for the concrete & wood benches used to be available from the TIBA for free. How could one of those possibly cost more than $50.00 to construct? Coupla bags of reddy-mix and 24 feet of 2x10s oughtta do it.