Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter From Budman. Still A Hot Topic?

Evidently, somebody has more to say about the River Hospital.  And evidently this person does not understand that the blogs work in chronological order.....the most recent topic is on "page 1".  Blogger does not allow me to shuffle older topics to the most recent.  But I will put a link up so that you can easily navigate to The Letter From Budman

This link will also be available under Current Hot Topics over yonder ---------->

Below is the "request" I received today:

You need to please put this back on page 1! Abay will have to save RH by winter. B.M. and friend are plundering what's left. Abay needs to take action now because summer money is coming into RH. If we wait for winter, B.M. and friends will have blown all of that money to. Much more to write, but I will not waste my time if it is buried in your archive section!


Anonymous said...

I did know about the order by date, but thank you for the link. I was having a hard time getting new people to the comments in the archives.
First ? to the public is why would you ask your #1 fund raiser(2nd at polar dip,1st over all) to leave the foundation board? My understanding is Bob Nelson stopped the Bud Man at the door of a foundation meeting and told him to resign! Somebody please explain!
P.S. I have alot of ? for alot of people involved with RH. I hope more people will get into asking ?s about what's going on at RH. If B.M. and Joe R. had any guts they would have another public meeting to explain their position,and answer ? from the community! RH will never stand without community support, and you can not get it with "DECEPTION ON THE RIVER".

Anonymous said...

Why did the foundation fall apart? Rumor has it that the foundation director, assistant director, and several board members bailed(quit).

Anonymous said...

How come when you talk to the remaining RH employees in public they all back B.M., but when you talk to them alone they have all the same ? the rest of the community has. I will bet most believe RH is heading off a step cliff and pray every night that they don't lose their jobs.
P.S. I guess it is the fear of job loss by B.M. Come on RH employees, you can tell the community the truth by using the word anonymous!

Anonymous said...

This person makes a good point, but this brings up another subject under Jim C. post of Crank It. About using anonymous, Lillian would stop all employees from telling the truth! This is a perfect example of why we need anonymous.
Now back to River Hospital, come on people, tell the community the truth, use anonymous if you must, but tell the community the truth about their hospital!

jim cummings said...

I would like to keep the new comments together with all the older ones. I am closing this thread and redirecting everyone to the original one. CLICK HERE