Saturday, May 15, 2010

Town Board Meeting 5.12.10

The layout of the room has changed.  It has been arranged so that the board members table is in the corner and the concerned citizens chairs are layed out in a dynamic diagonal.  There is a problem, everyone now sits closer to the blower vents of the heating/AC system.  The blowers were running, droning out much of what was being said.  I noticed several people turning their best ear towards the board, trying to catch the content of the conversation.

I will be selling this at the next meeting!
If that was not bad enough....Fourth Coast presented maps/blue prints to the board. Unrolled them out on the table then huddled around them.  Anyone sitting in the audience could not see what they were discussing, nor hear hardly a word.  Some guy from Creek Bend landscaping presented the board with pictures on his laptop of the work he had done at the cemeteries.  From what I could gather, he was making a strong case for not being fired.  Again, we seemed to not be included in this matter.  I know that there was a lot of concern regarding the appearance of the Town cemeteries.  I am pretty sure the board gave him till Saturday at midnight to get things looking better.  

Not sure why I did not pipe up about all the noise of the blowers and I should have raised a point of order regarding the way the board seemed to be conducting their own little meeting as if we were not even there.  Every attempt should be made so that the public can view documents, maps, photos etc.  The public should not have to cup their ear so that they can hear what is being said.  Turn the blowers off, move the chairs closer to the board table and when there is a presentation, get the easel out.

Sorry, but the audio of the meeting is useless.....not even gonna waste my time.


Anonymous said...

So where are the citizens that are opposed to the new bar activities at the corner of Church and Bethune ?

Does the Bay no longer have any decency and self respect ?

Not worthy of discussion at the village Bd meeting ??

jim cummings said...

I would ask that the person that posted this comment take a moment to realize that this particular post is about the Town Board Government and has nothing to do with the village. This comment is an issue and certainly warrants discussion, but this is not the topic nor the place to carry this on to its full potential. Please look for a later opportunity to discuss....what everyone knows you are talking about as the Muskie Lounge