Saturday, December 7, 2013

Donkeys and Elephants

Some in this community believe so strongly in their party, that they will fight for it, over throw it, and then call it their own. Yup those REPs are rock hard and so are their heads. There are a few like minded die hard DEMs too.   They do not get it..... the party and its candidates mean very little.... at this level.  I maintain that the party affiliations should be ignored and  each candidate should be evaluated on who they are..... 

I was asked a few weeks ago if I thought that the Town Highway Supt race was won fair and square?  Were all the absentee ballots legit?  Of course it was a fair race and all the absentee ballots were validated by the Jefferson County B.O.E.  No conspiracy, no treachery..... Davis had it for a few days and now it belongs to Durand.  

The real lesson to be learned is this.... how could a race be so close when Durand had the backing of both the Democrat and Republican parties?  While Davis rode on the  Working Families ticket, which according to the enrollment stats only has 249 party supporters out of 62,053 registered voters in Jefferson County?  Do all 249 WF party members live in the Town Of Alexandria?

I think it is very interesting that half of the voter turn out would leave the comfort zone of their party and vote for a candidate who was endorsed by a minor party.  Probably time for some to reevaluate their campaign strategies.....  riding on the coat tails of the Democrat or Republican parties is not a safe bet.... unless you like nail biters.

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