Monday, October 12, 2015

Chipmunk Invader

Armed with only a pool skimming net, I scooped up the chipmunk like a lacrosse player. In one smooth motion I flung the rascal towards the open window, only to hear a hollow thud. I knew I had missed my mark as I watched Alvin ping off the upper window and do a series of slow motion back flips through the air. The furry critter landed on the carpet and took off like a shot towards our Dog Luna......

This was part of a series of botched attempts to get rid of that little furry invader. The chipmunk got into the house as Conner opened the kitchen door, exclaiming that a chipmunk had ran into the house between his feet. We ran into the house after the varmint, catching a glimpse of him entering my small man cave.

We grabbed Luna and closed the door behind us. The chipmunk was fast and evasive. I scooted out the door to grab a couple of weapons. A small baseball bat and the pool skimming net will do just fine. I hurried back to the man cave and slid through the door, shutting it behind me.

I guess you could call it Pandemonium, or maybe our version of killing Walkers like they did in the Walking Dead. After 20 minutes of chasing and corralling the critter towards our dog who did not seem to know what to do with it. I began to think that we were never going to get Alvin out of the house.

Conner finally trapped the furry invader pinning him between the net and the carpet. I moved in and aimed my bat.... bonking the little critter into unconsciousness. The invader was dead and Conner scooped him up and flung him out the window.

We put the room back together. I was sweating, the dog was panting, and Conner had a smile on his face. I knew what he was thinking...... and I said to him..... Do Not Tell Mom.

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