Saturday, December 19, 2015

Remembering Frank Cavallario

Alexandria Bay:

In 2012 I was given the opportunity to interview Frank and Connie Cavallario.  Our conversation starts when Frank was a young boy growing up on the families vegetable farm and continues as He and Connie begin the Family Restaurant business.

As you all know, Frank and the Cavallario families businesses  are Icons in Alexandria Bay. Anything I might say about Frank would not do him justice. This is what people are saying on FaceBook:

Frank was a great person and fellow Rotarian God Bless him

Thanks for the warmth, the grace and the memories all these many years, Frank. RIP. God bless

Frank and the other Cavallarios were always good friends and treated my father like family and my sisters and me also !! He was a great guy !! He did a lot for Alex. Bay !!

We are very sad at the passing of a great Gentelman in our community RIP Frankie God be with You and your Family

I just learned (from Facebook) that Frank Cavallario died this morning.I worked at the Chez and the Steakhouse all through high school and college. I like to tell people that everything I know, I learned from Frank and Connie. I was in their kitchen when we watched Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald on tv.
Frank was a good husband, father, boss and friend.

Sorry to hear that. Definitely an icon of ABay. Glad he was there "overseeing" the food at our party two years ago. Send my regards to the family.

A good man indeed.


CAINtheSHARK said...

Whata great video that was and I personally do not know him ,but he seemed like a great person and has brought many people together in his stories
I personally deliver beer to both of these places and never realized the rich history it has.
What a very interesting man he was and they don't make em like they used to.The world lost a great soul only to be given to another person.
Rest in peace my friend.

Unknown said...

As my grandfather Murray Taitt would have said " He's a beauty". Thank you for posting this's really special . Frank was an icon here in Alex. Bay for sure. He will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.

Teri Taitt

Unknown said...

What a great interview! An icon! RIP Frank