Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Shit is B-O-R-I-N-G

Yup I am bored to friggin tears!  It has taken me 2 days to get enough energy to blog about the latest VB meeting.  I don't even feel like talkin about it now.  Other Bloggers are giving their readers a nice big juicey steak when they talk about Obama or Paterson.  Not me.......I am a hack of a blogger reporting on local politics, which is the equivilent of me serving you a Can Of Spam.  Oh goes the reporting.......YAWN!

Our Village Garbage truck is getting a new BOX!  They are keeping the truck but the box will be refurbished almost like new.  I bet you are just dying to know how much and all the other details?  The box is a misnomer as it will be cylindrical in shape.  And it will cost the village $52,400.00.  At least the contents won't spill into the streets on those hot summer days.

Brush pickup will be ongoing through out the spring on Thursdays and Fridays.  The street sweeper is in the shop for repairs, so it will be awhile before the sand is picked up.  I was wondering where the sweeper has been.

This shit is killin me!

One Acting Village Justice [S. Macdonald]  has resigned and been replaced with another Acting Village Justice [K. Butcher] who is also our Deputy Clerk Treasurer.  Village Justice S. Pennington's position is up for election this November.  Our VPD and Village Justice Dept needs you to pay your fines.  Do NOT expect your tickets to be thrown out anymore.  The Justice Dept and the VPD are now a team, a well oiled machine ready to generate revenue for the Village.


Speaking of Revenue!  Have you ever had to pay a larger than normal water/sewer bill because you have experienced a leak? {Picture a $3000.00 bill] First it has to be determined if the water leaked into a basement or crawl space and then if it found its way into the sewer.  You will be charged for the water usage but the sewer usage might be waived if it has been deemed to NOT have gone into the sewage system.  Want some advice?  DO NOT  I repeat DO NOT send a letter explaining your situation.  Go to a VB meeting in person and explain it in person to the board.  Letters to the board are subject to grammar and syntax critique.  You and your letter may also be judged as trying to get water/sewer for free.  Gimme a GD Break.  Every time I look at a VB meeting agenda and I see water/sewer adjustment I wanna puke.  I remember one night a resident was objecting to a late fee.  A lengthy discussion went on and on about the late fee waiver request.  30 friggin minutes later the $16.00 fee was waived.  Now I am not bored just PO'D!



Anonymous said...

Next VB meeting, someone should bring a a whoppee cushion just to spice things up a bit.

Hammonite said...

I guess to get something more " Salacious" you will have to move to the big city JC ......