Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Do NOT Care!

if the turn around on northern ave ever gets finished
nor do i care if george thinks i am a bigger asshole than my friend john
i could care less of all of downtown drowns in a sea of card board on the busiest day of the season
i really do not care if my punctution or spelling or grammer is ever kerect.
i do not care if the castle cable tv reception has more snow than we saw today
it does not bother me that our entire vb all ran unopposed
i do not care that the new dock is wider than it should be
could care less about the sunshine and open meeting laws
if a politician manages to stay on a board for over 30 years
if the sewer projects makes it or not
if the mayor and his wife have an entire wardrobe with mayor and mrs mayor emblazoned all over
if the vb all gets shirts that say i am with stupid
if all the bars downtown go topless
sign ordinance does not bother me....i hope every square foot of sidewalk is covered with them
that the police budget is growing exponentially
about tazers and tactical weapons or the bikes that will never get used
if the local politicians laugh like little kids because i have given up
nor does it bother me if the dpw buys a whole fleet of trucks and beats the shit out of them
it does bother me that the vb will try to get rid of jimmy the meter man
but i am working on not caring about that also
if i ever step into the big m 
that i am a loser and that nobody respects my blog
i really do not care if i never see the words anonymous said ever again

those are just a few things i do not care about.....the list is long....I am gonna take the whole list of things i used to care about and put it in a bucket and label it the fuckit bucket.......end rant.....end blog



Anonymous said...

Jim, I care that you CARE!


Anonymous said...

About time you stopped the insanity

Anonymous said...

does anyone not get it or what.no one should give a shit whether jim is a good guy or not.what he does do is keep all you narrow minded people with your heads up your ass informed of what goes on in your community.to make the place all it can be and not to cut corners doing it.be infromed not sheep that just goes along with the crowd.nothing i have ever read on the blog was an out right lie.its just information.use the info.not attack the person providing it.my be tomorrow all you haters can get togther a linch a news paper.you could call your selfs the stalens or some other catchy commy name like that.god shut up and just read it and let that be that.

Anonymous said...

Alexandria Bay is dying, it is time to let it go. Will the last person leaving turn the stop light off.

Mary Be said...

I am sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed hearing your views. I might not have always agreed with them but you always gave me something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Jim, you have spent to much time filling peoples heads with BS. Valuable time that you could be spending with your family. When its all said and done then what have you really accomplished by all of this? You have made more people think you are an asshole and made yourself out to be nothing more than a complainer. You should have spent your time doing something constructive but instead you have just tarnished your name in the community. A name that your son and wife carry as well and unfortunately your foolishness makes them look bad too. It's to bad because your wife is a sweetheart and your son is a good kid.......hope your happy.

Dan Sargent said...

Keep it going! Its a great way to find out what is going on in the Bay. People should understand that this is your blog and your views. If people don't like it, they shouldn't read it.

RD said...

I was happy to read this blog. You know what's right. I'm sorry to see you go, but many of the good people are leaving...

I'm sorry that I cannot be more personal in my signature.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Dan...continue the blog,Jim, and eliminate the anonymous option.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cummings you can bluff some of the people some of the time, but not here. You can't give this up, it's not in your makeup and besides your full of bs.
We'll just see how long you give it up for!

Anonymous said...

as long as the comments are true, who cares who wrote it! Some people have to protect their families and businesses. Would you have them not enter into or comment on important subjects? The main idea of a blog site is to get people involved. If you don't believe a comment, prove it true or false and put it back on that site.

Anonymous said...

I have a ? for all "ANONYMOUS" haters out their. When you read a paper, watch the news, listen to the radio do you believe it all to be truthful or correct because the persons name is on it, or he or she works for a TV or newspaper? If you care enough, find out the truth, no matter where it comes from. I always have said the main problem in this country is that people believe Walter Cronkite more than Jesus Christ! Think about that statement!

Tyler Constance said...

Ah, Jim, it's a shame to see the breadth of apathy, but in the same regard, I understand wholeheartedly the feelings of hopelessness amidst a town of imbecilic, narrow-minded drones. It's regrettable that our town doesn't possess enough able-minded, liberally-focused individuals willing to shake up the present order of things. It's safe to say we're surrounded by corruption and that the taxpayers are exploited because of their sheer voicelessness. It was always admirable to see others making a stand.

And to all of the ignoramuses calling you out for various, petty things, you and I both know that it's always to be expected. People rarely compose blogs to profess love and admiration. The idea is to challenge ideas and make people uncomfortable with the way things are.

Blog or not, I'm eighteen now, and my voter registration is in the mail. I need to see both sides of issues represented, and that includes the side that no one wants to see.

Outside of voting, direct action is always an option, and it's hard to act without being informed.

At the very least, I'm sure I'll see you around a lot this summer, and I look forward to it.

Take care,


Lillian Dingman said...

So, they finally got to you!!! I will say I am surprised, I thought you had bigger balls than that. When our fore fathers fought for our freedoms, one was freedom of speech and the right to voice it. It does not matter who agree's or disagree's. You have the ability to cut to the heart of the matter, and that makes people uncomfortable. People who are afraid to sign their names are cowards, the worst kind. They are the backstabbers of this world. I will ask you to not give up your blog. You help spread some sanity in this close minded community.

jim cummings said...

For the record....Comment approval is not on automatic. All of your comments are either approved or rejected by me. I have not rejected any so far.....

Anonymous said...

I write in a blog, I don't sign to protect my business and protect my children. I am surely not a coward as L.D. suggest, but a person who doesn't want my kids to be persecuted in school for my ideas by people who don't agree or like what I write. After all don't we vote in a booth so we can keep our votes to ourself! The back stabbers are people who use their position in our society to stop other people from voicing their opinion.

Lillian Dingman said...

A coward is a coward! That is why folks like Jim are so rare. It's real easy to voice an opinion if you don't have to back it up. You can say or print anything as anonymous, but having the courage to stand behind your convictions takes guts. Hide behind your kids, your business,your social standing.They are all just excuses. Your words mean nothing if you can't take the heat. And backstabbers are two faced people who like to tell others what they want to hear, and then lie about to make themselves look good.

Anonymous said...


By stating you do not care, to me, you are only reinforcing that you do. That others do not, or see things from a different slant should not stop you from continuing to voice your opinions. I cannot say I always agree with you and often I am not well enough informed on the local level to decide one way or the other, but I certainly respect your right to voice your opinions.

I will always love my hometown of Alex Bay, but Alex Bay is one little town in a sea of towns, all with similar issues. The only difference lies in the people who live there and of those people, the ones that choose to endeavour to make it a better place to live.

Personally, I left the Bay nearly 20 years ago because of what I saw as a lack of opportunity to better my future for myself and the family I now enjoy. I still have alot of friends and family in Alex Bay and thereby am always concerned about the direction and well being of my former and hopefully future home, as I hope to return to the Bay at some point, if not only for summers, should I be fortunate enough to retire someday.

The fact that you demonstrate your own concern for the future of Alex Bay and actually make efforts to do something is why I have decided to write you and encourage you to continue to do so.

YOu see, I have generally found there to be 3 kinds of people in this world. There are those that DO with the intention or ideal of improving things for everyone or at least everyone in the local area. There are those that DO with the intention of improving things for themselves(sometimes their doing, while not intended does benefit the greater good). Lastly there are those who do nothing at all, all the while complaining about those that are doing something.

Jim, I fairly am sure you at least fall into the one of the first two types of people and so I would encourage you to not allow the latter of the three to stop you from trying to make a difference. You see, regardless of what your motivation may be, at least your are DOING something. Stop the blog if you must, but don't stop DOING something.

Sincerely, Rob Welsh, Tucson, AZ

Anonymous said...

LD and all other anonymous haters,
how about a person who would lose his job because his boss comes from the other end of the spectrum. Lose job, can't pay for house and car payments, family doesn't get feed, kids blackballed in school. Another words, stop all people in this position from participating. Sounds like a way to control free speech to me. If anonymous is the truth who cares who wrote it, if not prove it to be a lie or not true. Only reason to know the anonymous name is to be able to "get them" if they don't agree with you!

jim cummings said...

All good points! LD and those who quietly agree with her.

However anonymous 1:12PM brings up a very good point. I was posting a comment as JC on another blog. Even tho the person I was commenting on is not my immediate boss, I realized that I might jeopardize my job if I hit the Post Comment button. So I decided not to comment at all.

Allow me to clarify something regarding the people who post anonymously. If you disagree with something then back it up with valid reasons. Comments that do not offer an alternate solution are a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

AT least anonymous people make an effort! If you want to trash people, how about people who don't participate. I tried to explain a problem in the country to a government employee making probably 3to 4 times the average wage in this area. All I got was it doesn't effect me right now, so I don't care and don't even want to here about it. This person also has children.

Anonymous said...

So the people got to you too huh? The Village, and I mean all of the officials and residents need to wake up. More and more people are not returning because the place is going backwards, not forwards. As someone recently told me, "Five buddies and I have spent 15 years taking our boat to the Bay but we decided to go elsewhere this last year. The place has become a trash town that caters to the bars and the prices are so high that smart people go elsewhere now." He's not the only one who has shared similar thoughts about the place.

I respect people like you who try to hold issues up to the light of day rather than letting them lurk in the darkness of the Bay.

Colette Cross said...

Ignorance might be bliss if you live in a box. I am glad you are still here to keep people informed.

Colette Cross