Friday, April 9, 2010

River Hospital Turns Down Help From Albany?

I grabbed this comment from the Letter from Budman to RH topic   Several comments trickle in daily...check back for new comments.

 When Darryl A. and Addy Russell offered to help they were rudely told to keep their noses out of RH by a board member whom doesn't live here or care about the people in our community! I believe the statement was "GO BACK TO ALBANY AND CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS AND KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF OUR BUSINESS". Well I am a life long resident, and we don't need some rich S.O.B. coming up here on a fishing trip to close down part of our hospital without even trying to save it!
P.S. To another board member, find another fishing buddy, your grandfather would be ashamed!!!

I found this particular comment very interesting.  I know that several weeks ago [3/5/10] Assemblywoman Russell met with the CEO and BOD at the Northstar.  I spoke with her briefly after that meeting, she gave me the impression that she was frustrated but would not elaborate.  Since then I have heard rumors that are similar to the above comment.


Anonymous said...

Not only did they turn down help from Albany, how about Washington, other area hospitals and nursing homes, and more importantly our community! It's time for new leadership in our hospital.

Anonymous said...

Impeach Ben Moore! (and sidekick, Joe Russell)

Anonymous said...

I'am sue HGS loves to see River Hospial die.