Saturday, April 24, 2010

Muskie Lounge: New Look, New Management


Anonymous said...

Just wondering---how does this bar add to the improvement of ABay? Liked your comments about the riverwalk and how at first you felt it was like a pearl necklace on a fat ugly chick--just saying---what is good about this new place. Wondering---what is patriotic-fallen-or hero about these girls? Read the National Geographic artical on the Thousand Islands---Alex Bay---safe-friendly-good-upscale rod and tackle stores-handsome tree-lined neighboors-and dive shops----(could it be the new place)---you were critical of properties on the riverwalk trail(some properties just plain ugly) so-again I ask-how does patriotic-fallen-hero girls achieve anything but in your words--just plain ugly ----Just wondering---- Elaine Folino

jim cummings said...

I posted the pictures to encourage comments from people either for or against. As you can see, you are the first since I put it up on April 24th. I never said I liked it.....just said it was new.