Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunshine Laws and Our Local Governments

This and the Open Meeting Laws are 2 of my favorite things to Bitch about!  Bitch Bitch Bitch....Whine Whine Whine.  That is a little cheer I do to get my blogging juices going....  Last Friday in the WDT I spotted an article titled N.Y. Expert Champions Sunshine Laws  and the next line reads:

State authority stresses transparency rules to local leaders!

..."Maybe that's why they don't want to disclose. Maybe they don't want to be accountable. Maybe they have no idea what they are agreeing to, which I think is probably the case in so many situations," he said...[WDT]

..."And the right thing isn't necessarily following in others' footsteps", he said... [WDT]

..."Mr. Freeman said many myths about open government laws have contributed to boards' overuse of executive sessions"....[WDT]

Those are my 3 favorite quotes from that article.  I just hope that somebody from our local Government[s] went to that seminar. Well.........I can hope can't I?


Anonymous said...

The Town of Alexandria Planning Board was well-represented at that Keynote address (as well as many other extremely informative sessions throughout the day at the annual Local Government Conference.

Rich LeClerc, Town Planning Board member

jim cummings said...

Good to hear the Town Board was well represented, however I am more concerned about that "other" board....