Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Town Board of Alexandria

The Village Board of Alex Bay is asking you for a "cash support" to help recover from the Upper James St Dock reconstruction project.  I have heard that the mayor "thinks" that a 50 to 60 Thousand dollar contribution would be the least you could do....  For the last several years the village has ignored that the revenues from the docks have not been what they should have been.  It was not till this past summer that the board implemented accountability safe guards to insure that all dock fees were collected and accounted for [this only happened because of the dock crisis.]  This year dock revenues have at least tripled from previous years.  Same number of boaters as the previous years, except this year the dock fees  are fairly and accurately collected from all boaters.  I see no reason that the Town of Alexandria should contribute any amount of money for the Upper James St. Dock.  This would be frivolous spending and  unfair to the taxpayers of Plessis, Redwood, and surrounding Township areas.  Furthermore, village residents pay both village and town taxes.  I URGE Councilmen Williams, Beaudin, Durand, and Hunneyman, as well as Town Supervisor Millett to vote NO for a contribution of any amount to the Village to offset the Upper James St. Dock project.