Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Election Day 11.02.10

Will be an exciting day for the Village of Alexandria Bay.  The NY 23 race between incumbent Bill Owens and challenger Matt Doheny will no doubt keep many locals up all night.  On the local level, there are 2 Democrats running: Gary "Critter" Williams and Roger Jobson.  The Republican party is supporting incumbent trustee Danielle Jury and Bubba Stephen Derrigo.

If you recall, Bubba Derrigo was a village trustee but he resigned in 2008 for reasons that are vague.  I am sure the majority of you can see through the vagueness.  I read in this weeks TI Sun, that Derrigo has a letter of support from another former trustee who also resigned.  Imagine.... a quitter writing a letter trying to get the voters to support someone who resigned.

Also in this weeks Sun is a letter from  Democrat Stevie Jarvis begging the tax payers to support him through write-in votes.  Jarvis did not receive the Democrat party nod during this years Caucus which was chaired  by Richard Drake. Democrats Gary "Critter" Williams and Roger Jobson are the only ones that have the Democrat Party Support.

It is encouraging to see a race where the trustee positions are not being run unopposed.

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