Monday, January 17, 2011

Riverwalk Project 101

The Riverwalk Project has gone through many modifications since April 2009.  With all these changes comes confusion.  Below are past links to coverage of this project.  I only ask that you review the factual information that is referred to in my posts.  Study these, and educate yourself before you commit yourself to either supporting or not supporting the Riverwalk Project

Link to a story I did on April 2nd 2009 Included in this story is a link to a document provided to me by then Village Trustee Sweet. Read that document.  The document refers to the 2 grants that were available to the village.  The Federal Stimulus 100% grant [VB turned this down] and the T.E.P. 80% grant 20% village contribution.  This is the State grant that the village has for the Riverwalk Project

The following link will explain the grant we now have Transportation Enhancement Program [T.E.P.]

Another link to a Riverwalk topic I wrote on April 15th 2009 It features an interview with Channel 7 News and Richard Drake who was not a trustee at the time.

The video below is the virtual tour of the Riverwalk project with Prudent Engineering

Riverwalk Tour 5.13.10 from Jim Cummings on Vimeo.