Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wait Outside!

Look at the poor blogger, he looks so cold

The Village Board went into executive session to discuss some personnel issues [the hiring of another police officer and a work foreman for the DPW].  Myself, Corey Fram [TI Sun], Jaegun Lee [WDT] and Bill Ryan waited in the foyer for executive session to finish, when we were politely asked to wait outside of the building because our chatter was disturbing their meeting.  So as the four of us waited outside in the wind blowing out of the NE @ 15mph with a temperature of 15 degrees F [-1.8 wind chill], the only chatter was from our teeth.  So after 15 minutes or so, I peeked in the window, all the board members looks so warm and toasty.

I thought that when boards went into executive session,  the public was to be made comfortable enough so they did not become discouraged and leave before the board returned to regular session?  Well.... the four of us got frozen ass, discouraged and went home to tha tha tha thawwww ouTtTtTtttttt.  Maybe next time you guys and gals could find another room to hold your exec session, so the rest of us can sit and be warm and comfortable.  It is a public meeting and NO we were not going to sit in our own cars with four engines running.