Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pirate Invasion 2011

There is more to the Pirate Invasion than most people realize.  Everybody knows the characters Pirate Bill Johnston and his daughter Kate.  Most onlookers head right to the Village Park to view the Tall Ship attack on the defending villagers.  But what most of you miss is Pirate Bill looting the village of all their "treasury" and walking down James St. with his fellow pirates carrying the booty to his ship.  Angry villagers run him out of town, armed with only rolling pins and staffs.  Pirate Bill, his daughter Kate and the rest of the pirates board their ship and sail towards the park, where the invasion takes place.  The video I took yesterday tells the above story.  Now you all have the "Big Picture" of the invasion.  Speaking of that.... even though the village defenders and pirates are not using live rounds, those swords are very real.  So if a pirate comes up to you and very politely asks you to move, it is for your own safety.