Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dancin' In The Moonlight

Last night Pat Shanahan suggested to Dave Knapp and D.J. Rogers that they cover this 1972 King Harvest tune.  Dave and D.J. without batting an eye said yeah lets do it.  Pat found the lyrics on his phone and the 3 of them worked out the harmonies.  Brian Purwin walked in on the rehearsal and became very excited saying Oh yeah I want to do that song.

The total time from Pats suggestion to the band performing it in front of an audience.... less than one hour.  The other members of the band stepped into the song without rehearsing.  A testimony to the bands talented musicians and their cohesiveness.

The video that follows is my first attempt at a rockumentary.  I integrated video from the rehearsal with video of the band playing Dancin' In The Moonlight for the first time.

The band members are Michael Goerger, David Garlock, David Knapp, D.J. Rogers and Brian Purwin