Monday, January 2, 2012

Proposal to Dissolve The Village of Alexandria Bay

Prepared by R. Thomson
To be clear, everything in red is factual.   At the 12.13.11 village board meeting Ronald Thomson was #8 on the agenda for new business.  Mr. Thomson distributed his handout for the "Possible Time Table For Village Dissolution Study" to the board.  A copy of that is included in this blog post.  The audio is 15 minutes and 14 seconds long. 

From this point on everything in black is my opinion.  The audio may be long but it is in your best interest to listen and watch it closely.  I have placed some of my thoughts [opinions] through out.

They say Timing and Delivery is everything.  The proposal was presented at the first meeting of newly elected Mayor Jury and basically all new trustees.  It was also their last for 2011.  The next board meeting is scheduled for 1.10.12.  When you listen to the audio, you will hear that the grant application submittal deadline is assumed to be sometime in February.  That is a very narrow window for a brand new board to shoot for.  It is unreasonable for anyone to present such a controversial topic such as this when the village board  barely has their feet firmly on the ground.  I understand that some have a timeline in their agenda and with all the bureaucratic hoops that need to be jumped through, they fear that their deadline might not be reached.  Their is a big push for the dissolution of the village to go to a vote at the 2013 general election .

Since the proposal is to dissolve the village into the Town of Alexandria, I expected to see Mr. Thomson at the Town Board meeting that was held the next evening on 12.14.11.  He did not attend and no mention of his proposal was on that agenda.  Maybe it is because the new supervisor and one new board member do not take over until 1.1.12.

One final thought..... This proposal is controversial, but I am not opposed to it either. I have always expected that someday we would be facing the possibility of dissolving the village.  But, in my mind it was always a large and diverse group of concerned citizens that would have made the proposal. Not just one man's proposal.