Monday, January 30, 2012

Smoking Gun?

In the past few days I have heard from people with or without a business interest in the Bay.  These individuals had donated money to help offset the repair costs to the Upper James St Dock.  They are upset to find out that the village board had been unwittingly  sitting on a large amount of un-earmarked money.  This was in response NYS Comptrollers audit findings of the Board Oversight and Internal Controls Over the Clerk-Treasurer’s Records and Reports.

The following sound byte is from the 1.26.10 village board meeting several weeks after finding out that a 300 foot section of the Upper James St Dock had to be replaced.  The board discusses the various accounts they could pull a $100,000 from, only a portion of the estimated $350,000 price tag, bonding the $250,000 balance.  The board at that time was Mayor Robb, trustee's:  S. Jarvis, H. Roy, R. Drake, and newly appointed trustee D. Jury.  How long does it take to accumulate a significant undesignated cash surplus on deposit?  Did the village have the beginnings of this surplus back in 2010, or was it sooner?