Wednesday, January 25, 2012


According to the August 24th 2011 village board minutes under new business:  Mayor Robb asked for a motion to pay the Recognition of Direct Draft on Dock Bond Payment for $70,000 on September 15th 2011.  The direct draft will be $14,000 plus interest.  The motion was made by Trustee Drake and seconded by Trustee Williams.

In contrast, item #5 under new business in the Agenda for that same meeting  called for a Recognition of Direct Draft of Dock Bond Payment of $50,000 on September 15th 2011.

At the September 13th 2011 village board meeting item #1 under old business called for a pay off of the Water B.A.N. Principal $1,565,000 and Interest of $78,032.64.  Item #2 called for the payment on the Dock Bond Principal Payment  of $70,000 and interest of $4,000.  Mayor Robb asked for a motion on both.  Trustee Roy made the motion to pay off the Water B.A.N. plus the interest, it was seconded by Trustee Drake.  Trustee Drake made a motion to make the payment on the Dock Bond and interest, it was seconded by Trustee Williams.

I thought it was odd that the village could pull that kind of money.... seemingly out of nowhere!  How did the pay off of $1,565,000 plus interest of $78,032.64 miraculously appear as old business at the 9.13.11 meeting?  Should it not have been new business, since it was never discussed like the Dock Bond payment was at the 8.24.11 meeting?  Almost like someone was trying to slide it through... unnoticed!  At the time, trustee's seemed surprised at the 1.5 million plus interest pay off.  Trustee Roy did question it, and it was quickly "explained" by Mayor Robb and Clerk-Treasurer Cullen.  

In retrospect, at the time of the 8.24 and 9.13 meetings,  it is very clear that the trustee's had no knowledge of the excess money totaling 2.3 million.  I bet you can guess who did know about the excess funds.  The lesson to be learned?  If someone pulls a large amount of money out of nowhere..... it obviously had to come from somewhere!

The following audio clip is from the September 13th 2011  Alexandria Bay Village Board Meeting.