Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alexandria Town Board Meeting 1.11.12

Members present are Town Supervisor D. Hunneyman, Councilpersons D. Williams, A. Beaudin, and B. Sweet. J. Durand was absent.

Some observations from yours truly... Gentleman,  All your comments should be audible.  Whispering amongst yourselves and mumbling responses during a public meeting?   Speak up and be heard.  Public comments should also be heard in their entirety.  Persons making such comments should clearly identify themselves or be introduced by a board member.  I wished I had kept the recorder on for the transition of the regular board meeting  into Executive Session.  The purpose of the session was Personnel and litigation.  I had intentions of elaborating on this, but have had second thoughts.  Instead, call one of the board members and ask them why Highway Supt. Bain and Town Clerk Peck were told to they could not attend the exec. session when they have always stayed in the past.  Then ask why Bain stayed?  On to the audio of the meeting.....

The Agenda:

Public comments start @ 2min 48sec.  This concern was interesting.  Not sure what the outcome was... The lady with her concern was quickly ushered into a private meeting with Town Assessor B. Millett.

Motion to audit the books  April 2012 5min 50sec

Sunshine Law and the internet Town website 8min 17sec

Fourth Coast presentation/update 16min 19sec

Subdivision Laws 42min 5sec

Presentation by Alan Taylor - City Block Grant 47min.

Highway Report 1hr 1m 3secs