Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Transparent, Prompt and Bipartisan

To: Dale Hunneyman, Town Of Alexandria Supervisor
Town Council Members: Sweet, Wills, and Stine

From: Jim Cummings, Chairman Democrat Committee Town Of Alexandria & Village of Alexandria Bay

Subject: Town Councilperson Vacancy

Date: January 8th 2014

Please read at tonight’s Town Board meeting during correspondence.

I have been advised that tonight you will be reading Councilman Alcid Beaudin's letter of resignation. Mr. Beaudin's term would have expired December 31st 2015. He is also a Democrat.

Last year, the Town Of Alexandria was faced with a similar situation when a vacancy was created with the resignation by former Councilman J. Durand, a Republican. There was much discussion regarding that vacancy. The most vocal were Sampie Sutton, Ronald Thomson and myself. We all tried to convince the town board that the party who endorsed the resigning elected official should find a replacement and submit that persons name to the town board for its consideration.

I stated then, that I agreed with the formality of filling a vacant seat with a person from the same party. A protocol I still believe in tonight. The Democrat Committee has chosen a candidate to fill Beaudin's vacancy. Tom Petrie was nominated by the Democrat committee and ran for a Town Council seat at the November 2013 general election. As you know, Mr. Petrie did not win, but since he was on that ballot, it is the committee's desire that he fill this Democrat vacancy.

The committee is aware as I am sure you are, that any appointment to fill this vacancy will be a temporary one and must go to ballot at the November 2014 General Election.

Our committee is also cognizant that our nomination of Mr. Petrie is only a recommendation. One that your board can choose to either accept or decline. We also hope that your decision making process to fill this vacancy is transparent, prompt and bipartisan......

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