Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter To The Blogger:


I would like to thank the taxpayers for the privilege of serving you as your highway superintendent for the past 23 years. I would especially like to thank Martha Millett, Doug Williams, Alcid Beaudin, Jim Durand, Tracey McIntosh, Laura Coles, Ellen Peck and most importantly-my family, for all their support. Without these good people, I certainly could not have succeeded in my accomplishments and duties while serving you the taxpayers.

The job of highway superintendent is a very challenging position but also a very fulfilling one. Each and every day brings new and sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made to ensure the public is served and safe as possible with sometimes only limited resources available. I’ve always enjoyed working for the public.

In 2012 things started to change! I found that my daily duties were not only being micromanaged, but statements of lies were being circulated both in the public as well as on anonymous blogs by spineless and ignorant people starting to form their own agenda with absolutely no merit and certainly no knowledge what so ever as to what my duties and performance may include.

This summer, the election process was to begin and a group of negative, disrespectful and outright slanderous group of people began criticizing my every move. My own Republican party’s actions though the election process also would prove to be negative and embarrassing . It is very obvious that all this commenced in 2012 with two newly elected officials and their supporters. Their new agenda did not include any one that took a stand and tried to explain the issues and financial plans needed to ensure this town’s future. That put my elected office position right at the top of their hit list! I asked myself why?

The people of this town should also ask this question: Why after over 23 years of service with the public’s support does a certain group of people suddenly think they can possibly know how to run my office and dictate what my duties should be? Why didn’t these few take the time and effort to sit down in my office and address their concerns with me to my face? They all chose not to do so, even though I have certainly offered!

As your Highway Superintendent, I have always tried to perform my duties to the best of my ability. I have always strived to be involved, on the local level and represented this town at the state level in Albany, fighting to maintain our right to our fair share to ensure our towns future.

The town’s future is at risk and you “ the people” need to stand up and question the town’s financial outlook very closely or face both tax increases and cuts to services!!! I thank the good people of the town and appreciate your support for the past 23 years, I finally decided not to be a part of all this deception and that is why I have retired this term. I am looking forward to spending time with my loving family.


David H. Bain

Bloggers Note: Dave is a good and decent person, he also possesses the highest level of work ethics while being transparent to public scrutiny  in his day to day supervision of the infrastructure of this township while he was the Highway Superintendent.  This summer. the people that took over the Republican Party railroaded Dave and others.  

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Unknown said...

I have known Dave for years and He has always been a stand up guy. We worked together at the NYAB back in 1974 and 1975, and dave was a real good worker. I also had business dealings with Dave when He owned the Body Shop. Dave thanks for your service to the folks of the Town of Alexandria.

Steve Duffany
Watertown NY