Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shopping Locally Can Sometimes Be Painful

Striking resemblance to the cashier
Is it safe?  'Dr. Christian Szell   is the dentist from Marathon Man.  Remember that movie?  I am sure you recall the scene where Dr. Christian Szell [aka angel of death]  says to Dustin Hoffman ....."you know, you really should take better care of your teeth"  Then Dr Szell plunges  a metal probe deep into the exposed pulp of Hoffmans tooth....jeeeebus that must have hurt........

One or two of the cashiers at the local grocery store come across like Dr Szell.......trying to be all nice and hospitable ......but they  fall short just like that scene from the Marathon Man.......I try to support them,  but sometimes going into the Big M is like going to see Dr Szell for a root canal........NO NOVOCAINE

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