Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Closing of Skilled Nursing Facility Meetings

Part 1 of the River Hospital presentation can be seen at  Parts 2 and 3 can be seen below

Many thanks to my friend Johnny Truesdell @ for letting me borrow his camcorder ,but more importantly for editing and uploading all the video.  As JT stated, a lot of work went into providing you with video of the meetings in their entirety , presenting both sides of the closing of the Facility.  I encourage comments, BUT if people are commenting and it becomes obvious they either did not attend the meetings or view the video, those comments will not be approved.  Name calling or character assassinations will not be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Thank God this cash draining pig is almost closed. What exactally is the idea anyway. Taxpayers and donators are supposed to pony up money so a bunch of people who never bothered to buy long term health insurance, or who's families won't take care of them, can hang out in a nice setting and be taken care of? Throw them out if they can't pay, and if the staff is being paid more than the income will cover, than get rid of them as well.

Anonymous said...

How the hell do you approve a message like that of "Anonymous"...he/she can't even put their name on it..for sure disgrace he/she would get picked off the street. I find "Anonoymous" uncompassionate for human life. Unfortuately, I think that this type of financial distress is all across the state. Nursing homes within hospitals are closing due to financial cuts from the state. I wish Nellie the best of luck to find the pot of gold from the closest rainbow. It won't be easy to find monies out there in a state with no money!! My name is LuAnn Genier. I attached my name due to the fact I had trouble getting past the URL part of the posting. For the truth to be known.

jim cummings said...

I have been dealing with these types of anon. comments for several years. Maybe I have become desensitized......either is an opinion. Just because I allow a comment to be published on my blog does not mean that I agree with it. There are many opinions about this topic. Some of them may be agreeable to you and some will make your blood boil.......

jim cummings said...

One other thought!
People who are otherwise polite and proper shed that facade when they can hide behind an anonymous shield. We all might be flabbergasted if we knew who wrote it.

Bill Cain Alex Bay said...

Name or no name, the poster has proven themselves ignorant to the financial facts of River Hospital. Actually, just ignorant.
How many jobs were there at that facility after SMC announced closure?
How many are there now?
River Hospital provides jobs to local families who spend locally.
If River Hospital closed, how would that affect other local businesses, Big M, Kinnie Drugs, etc.?
I also find this personally offending as an almost senior citizen of this community.
The poster's obviouse disdane for those in need is not only callous but just fundamentally wrong.
The poster obviously has not needed this type of help. But be careful, time marches on for us all!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the "hospital huggers" is that they somehow feel that society, is responsible for they and their families well being. Be that medical care, long term nursing care, or job retention therein to support those endevors. WRONG ! The individual is responsible for their medical care, except for the very base needs. The plain and simple fact is that until such time as the government says "Cradle to Grave" than the hospital should close if it is losign money.
Now I relaize that some people may have a problem with me not wanting even more of my tax dollars going to pay for somebody who decided to spend his/her money on "other things" who now wants to lay in a nice bed and look out at the nice view, but that just too bad. And quite frankly it is absurd to think that to protest against this white elephant is somehow improper. What a joke to think that somehow taxpayers are supposed to pony up more money for this fiasco.
And yes it is impossible to sign your name to a dissent. just like you vote in private, you have a right to comment on those issues that affect your wallet in private, so as to avoid the wrath of those few who may lose their job and not be able to buy the new wide screen tv with our tax dollars, or have their relative taken care of at our expense while they jaunt off on a cruise.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame anon 5:30 and 9:09 for not signing their name to those two posts.
Reading them is like getting slapped in the face with a cold, wet towel.
Call it the towel of reality...

dEUCES said...

how is it reality, when they can prove that without the SNF facility the hospital is MAKING MONEY! The reason the hospital died was that samaritan ran it into the ground, thats what corporations do. That little hospital provides a vital service and is economically viable without the SNF!