Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crisis Management

We are faced with one crisis after another.  The Upper James St. Dock, the S.N.F. at the River Hospital and now the closing of 41 State Parks, several of which will greatly effect our community.  Assemblywoman Russell and Senator Aubertine have been visible and active in the Dock and SNF crisis'.  Now I am sure that they will be forced to focus their energy on the State Parks closures.  Oh, and do not forget the closure of  the Ogdensburg State Prison.  I would say that they and our Village and Town leaders have a heaping plate full.

As of last night, The Upper James St dock crisis has subsided.  The VB opened 3 sealed bids at yesterdays meeting.  The low bid of $241,700 was awarded to W.D. Bach.  The numbers for the other bids were $291,263 and $315,376.  The contractors were asked to submit bids that would complete the entire dock project.  Bach could start as early as Monday.

The closing of several State Parks will have an impact on our community.  Specifically the closing of Keewaydin, which is contributing the largest amount to the Debt Service for the Town of Alexandria Otter St. Water Project.  Maybe Keewaydin will remain in the water district, maybe it won't.

Is the closing of the State Parks political posturing and crisis management?  Maybe!  Here is a thought.....if we close the State Parks, what about the State Park Police?  What will they be doing without all the visitors and campers to keep them busy?  Why is there no mention of scaling them back.  Will they occupy their time by harassing the tourists?  I can see it is going to be one helluva summer.........

I suspect that there is another crisis lurking around the corner..........

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