Sunday, February 14, 2010

Otter St Water District Meeting

Debt service [debt retirement] is almost $400 an EDU [Equivalent Dwelling Unit] per year for the next 38 years.  Your contribution to this......if you live long enough.... will be $15,200[ if you sell your house, then the remainder will be the responsibility of the new owner].  That is assuming that there is only one EDU per lot.  If you own a vacant lot then you will be charged 1/2 an EDU or approx. $200 annually.  Not to mention, what you will pay to the village for your water usage [$3.78 per 1000gal].  Keewaydin has 50 EDU's, so......there annual contribution to the debt service is $20,000 and of course the total after 38 years would be $760,000......if I am reading the tables correctly?  Kind of makes ya happy that you only have one or two EDU's!  But!  In the near future, the Town Board will be proposing a new sewer district that will include Otter St.  And yes, you will see the terms EDU and Debt Retirement again. Which means another annual contribution on top of what you will pay for the water district.  And you will have to pay a fee for the sewer based on usage.......

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