Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Grudge

Late last summer the Village Board decided to put a turn around at the end of the Northern Ave.  It was to help the snow plows and garbage trucks maneuver on the dead end street.  At the time I thought this was a good idea.  There was some concern about this and several residents of Northern Ave attended a VB meeting.  One concern was the wild life that occupied the wooded area at the end of the street.  Deer, geese, loons, rabbits, and foxes have been seen at the edge of the woods. Another concern was how will it look?  DPW Supt. Millett said that he would keep an eye on the project and make sure that it was finished.

Lets get back to the wild life.  Supposedly, somebody called the D.E.C.  and blew the whistle on the village.   This could have been somebody that lives on the street or it could have been whomever   Does it really matter who called the D.E.C.? Not really, but the fingers were pointing and somebody was going to suffer.  Just recently the Mayor felt Obligated to call the D.E.C. because someone supposedly dumped  an unknown liquid down a village storm drain.  That did not seem to bother the Mayor, not one little bit.

Below are pictures that I took today of the turn around at the end of Northern Ave.  It is obviously Not finished, but I am sure it will be finished sometime...........It is an eye sore, actually an embarrassment.  I have seen the work that our Village DPW does and most of it is top quality.  So why does this turn around look jagged,  it does not even resemble a cul de sac.  The answer is simple.......the Village Board is holding a grudge by leaving this eyesore as is, so the people on that end have to look at it everyday.  I know what some of you are thinking.....maybe it is a case of out of site out of mind.  This could be, but I doubt the thumbnail below for a map of why I don't believe it is an over sight.


Anonymous said...

Jim, what is wrong with you, why would you show the female trustees homes?? That's not very smart or considerate!!

jim cummings said...

Who in this village does not know where everyone lives? Give me a break, Satellite photo of roofs and lots is hardly an invasion of privacy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:40 why would you tell people that they are the female trustees home? Jim just showed just told everyone who they were.