Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bay Gets B Grade

In the early part of June, a letter to the editor in the TI Sun was written by Mr. Lewis, criticizing Alex Bay for being a "B" tourist community.  Harrumph! In a sense we were being ridiculed for catering to babes, bikers, booze, and brawls.  Our record for brawls is null.  Not saying that there are not isolated instances of a few bar fights, hell, Clayton has those probably more frequently than actually reported.  I love my village as much as Mr Benny does.  He quickly responded to the letter to the editor faster than I did, saying love it or leave it.  Mr. Joyce also responded  in defense of the Bay, he suggests that if you're in the mood for a cultural event head to Clayton.  But if you want to let your hair down and have fun, meet us in the Bay!  Personally, I like babes, bikers, beer, boaters, bands, and any of the events  that bring people into the Bay.  It is who we are and always have been, and I am proud of it!  Enjoy the video, it is my version of a letter to the editor.

 Note:  That was the band  String of Pearls playing in the video, taken at yesterday's T.I.R.R. event.  Want to see them again?   Mark your calender, Labor Day weekend, Blues in the Bay.  They and other great bands will be playing throughout the weekend!  Blues in the Bay Alex Bay Chamber Link.