Tuesday, June 21, 2011

VB Meeting Going Bad?

I have watched this happen over the course of the 3+ years I have attended village board meetings in Alex Bay.  Sloppy or non existent rules of order during these meetings.  No respect for the "floor" and the person speaking.  The mayor allows some to ramble on with no apparent time limit.  While holding others to a time limit.  The clip of the last village meeting has examples of why their needs to be consistent rules of order.  Forget about the content of the discussion during public concerns.  During the audio just listen to the tones of the 2 men talking about a difference of opinion that was aired between the same 2 over the same issue as last year.  I had the misfortune of sitting in the middle of these 2.  All the time wondering if I just might find myself trapped in a brawl.  I am not saying that these 2 would lower themselves to slugging it out.  But if the right combination of personalities enter into the mayor's meeting and if he runs that meeting like he does all the others.... Can you say duck and run?

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