Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seawall Restoration

River Hospital, Alexandria Bay

Earlier this year, River Hospital C.E.O. Ben Moore and board members presented a plan to restore the seawall as part of the Hospitals support and contribution to the villages Riverwalk Project.  The hospital hired Doug Strough to restore the almost 400 foot of deteriorated stone wall.  Mr. Strough who has an eye for detail and aesthetics has made some changes to the original wall.  At the begining of the video I made note of a curved wall.  The original wall met at an angle.  Mr. Strough changed it so if flowed more with the shoreline.  The main focus of the Riverwalk will be a wooden dock that will be over the water and in front of this beautifully restored seawall.  The Riverwalk project is still progressing and work will begin this spring.  Recently Prudent Engineer met with residents for a presentation and question and answer session.  More on that meeting in a few days.